Google Pixel Camera-Related Security Flaw Which “Facilitate Tracking” Now Fixed

The security flaw of Google pixel Camera has now been fixed by the Google. But this has opened the possibilities of individual device tracking. All this will be sorted out when the security patches of this month will arrive.

If a company like Google who is world’s biggest search engine makes some security arrangements for its apps or smartphones, then everyone would believe that these must be very firm. No one could dare to breech them. Google has security measures like user controller permissions, and a host of protective measures for installing apps from the Play store.

Despite this we would say that no security is perfectly alright. There are some loopholes that crack down every now and then with the passage of time. One such flaw was found in Google Pixel and Pixel XL camera, where the device tracking was facilitated with the host owner’s permission. Google Pixel Support can guide you through all this flaw if you are not aware about this.

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The security Flaw in Pixel camera

According to the information the serial number of front camera which was made by HTC changes between different devices. This type of identification can open different devices from tracking by the developers of third party, hence an obvious a big security flaw. A week spot to the privacy of the user is uninitiated tracking. It depends on one’s imagination how this can be exploited. If you are having any issue, then you can contact Google Pixel Com Support.

But fortunately, this security flaw has been solved by Google. This has been solved by a patch that will restrict the access to the serial number of front camera. This information is also hidden from the third-party apps there by denying their access. Further some more tests have also been performed to check the proper working of the patch. Now the camera is also functioning properly.

The Issues of Google Pixel

Google Pixel was also facing some issues recently like distorted audio in which a cracking sound comes when the volume is maximum. This issue continues when hen the headphones are plugged in. The camera on the phone is also facing problems like coming of pink and purple lines and lens flaring while taking pictures. Those who own Google Pixel and Pixel XL should keep a close watch on said update to avoid any security breach. Google Pixel Help can also be taken in this regard.

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