How To Get Rid Of Xbox One Chat Mic Problem?


Today, we are going to share the troubleshooting steps to get rid of Xbox one chat Mic problem through this blog post. If you are the victim of this problem, then read this blog post carefully, you will find that there is no need to take Xbox one customer support after reading this blog post.

  1. Remove the mic from the Xbox controller by disconnecting the wire from the back of controller. Now connect the Mic headset directly.
  2. Keep the mute button switched off on your mic. You will find this button on the front side of your Mic.
  3. Open the device settings and go to ‘accessories’ option. Change the level of audio output from here and click on ‘ok’ to confirm the settings.
  4. If you discover that the headset is not working, replace at once.
  5. Update the Xbox firmware version in order to remove the bugs if any and boost the performance. For any update query, you can take support from Xbox help link.

If you are still facing the problem with your headset, then follow the steps mentioned below:

Diagnose your hardware:

To diagnose your hardware, follow the steps discussed below:diagnose-your-xbox

  • Inspect the power cord properly and see if it is broken from any end.
  • Clean the wire thoroughly with the help of soft cotton cloth.
  • Ensure that your controller device is working properly. For any problem related query, you can call at Xbox helpline number given on the top of official website.
  • Try to connect the headset with your controller through the port provided beneath the D-pad.clean-your-xbox-hardware

Setup privacy and online safety settings:

The process to setup a privacy and safety settings on your controller are discussed below:

  • Sign into your Xbox parent account with login credentials.
  • Click on ‘home’ button.
  • Go to ‘settings’ followed by all settings.
  • Open ‘safety and privacy’ option from the list of menus.
  • Click on ‘communicate via voice and text’.
  • Click on Xbox chat support service to start chat.

Any Echo or droning sound during gameplay:

The echo problem mainly observed at sender end. If he/she is getting his own sound back, then it is called Echo. This is due to the malfunctioning of Headset. The possible causes of noise in the headsets are:

  1. The ambient noises generated within the earpiece itself.
  2. The connection problem at the device end due to controller jack.
  3. The batteries require to send a signal may be drained.

Apart from the above mentioned steps, other steps to remove the echo from your earphone are explained below:

  • Lower the volume of your TV and music player.
  • Remove the headset from the controller by dragging from the body rather from cable.
  • Clean the jack and the headset plug with the cotton cloth.
  • To cross-check your headset, connect it with other device for a moment.
  • Replace the batteries of your controller with the new one.
  • Reconnect the headset with your Xbox controller firmly and check if the problem is solved or not.

get-rid-of-xbox-one-chat-mic-problemIf your friend is not able to hear your voice:

Perform the below mentioned troubleshooting steps if your friend has not been able to listen to your voice clearly.

Solution1: check the mode of your headset: check whether your device is muted or not. If muted, then release the mute button.

Solution2: Restart the Xbox device: To restart your device, take support from Xbox live support link of your Xbox console.

Solution3: Re-generate your profile over controller:

  • Press the home button of controller from the top of it.
  • You will find the home screen, scroll down to open the ‘games’ option.
  • Find your profile and click on the link to re-register it from the scratch.
  • This way you will able to reconnect to your existed profile.