Know the 5 best background audio apps on Xbox one


Fascinating graphics and features are not the only thing you should look upon when you have Xbox one. All the game lovers should know about the importance of background audio, which is a key thing to make the gaming experience more entertaining and exciting. Get to know the 5 best background audio apps available on your Xbox one.

xboxone-review-updateThe gaming world is the most interesting and fascinating world, which you intentionally dream when you are in the sleeping mode. Well, there is no need to be a dreamer, when you have one of the best gaming brands in the market. With its adoring graphics and fascinating features and services, Xbox has marked its place as one of the best gaming brands in the market. The fine graphics plays a major role in providing a realistic experience when you are playing your classic game collections from the diverse category of the gaming brand. Microsoft has made Xbox as one of the prime gaming sources to grab the attention of all the potential gamers across the globe. The potential gamers can also make their experience better with Microsoft Xbox support, which provides the best assistance regarding your gaming console issues.

Isn’t it is being amazing to have your favorite collection of songs/instrumentals in the background of your gaming activity with Xbox one? Well, there would be hardly anyone who doesn’t want the best track in the background of gaming action. This is the reason that background audio is one of the best features of Xbox one. You just need to start the app supporting the Xbox Background apps to play your favorite music, and then tap the home button to resume your game while listening to your favorite track. We have come up with 6 best background audio apps for all of you guys, which you can easily notice within your Xbox one app. If you counter any error in unlocking the app, then you can head to Xbox support chat to get the proper assistance.

  1. VLC-  It is a rich app which includes the feature of supporting a wide range of audio and video file formats.  It’s quite compatible with other platforms too. The desktop operating systems and different mobile platforms can easily access the open source software. All Xbox one lovers can also play their favorite tracks with the media player.vlc-xbox-one-background-music
  2. Spoticast for Spotify– The Swedish app allows you to stream the podcast, music, and video on your device. So, all the gamers who want to have their rocking track behind their action sequence with enemies, they can head for Spoticast app. It’s actually necessary to access the stuff of Spotify. The app actually relies on YouTube to access the music and allowing you to access the Spotify playlist. Other features of the app include:
  1. There is no need to subscribed for premium Spotify account.
  2. You can manage and create your Spotify playlist.
  3. You can modify the search filter: remix, live, acoustic.
  4. No subscription is there.spoticast-for-spotify-xbox-one-background-music
  1. Simple Background music player– If you got the hit list of tracks on your device, then this app is here to play them. You just need to transfer the tracks on the stick, insert into your Xbox one, and start the app and tap the play button. It supports MP4, M4A, FLAC, MP3 and WMA music file formats. Note that it can only play 200 songs at a time.simple-background-music-player-xbox-one
  2. Cast app– The app allows you to listen to your favorite podcast collection on your Xbox one. You can handle your podcasts easily and can synchronize them over the Windows devices. Head to Xbox store to download the app and enjoy the favorite tracks behind the background. All live members of Xbox one, if you counter any issue while locating the app, you can head to Xbox live support chat to counter the issue.cast-app-xbox-one-background-audio
  3. Pandora– It is one of the most popular streaming services, which covers thousands of artists with millions of songs. You can play your favorite track while leading the race in the leader board. If you witness any kind of barrier with the installing of the app on Xbox one, then you can head to Xbox live support to get the proper assistance and solution.pandora-xbox-one-background-music