Microsoft mocks a “Special Year” for all Xbox Gamers in 2017

With high-quality gaming and adoring features, Xbox gaming consoles has proven itself to be one of the fine choices for all crazy gamers. The diverse range of games with the high-quality gaming services, Microsoft just make the gaming consoles better in every year. The tech giant is ready to give a gaming surprise to all the Xbox lovers in 2017.  You can head to Xbox live support to get any kind of technical assistance.

Are you enjoying the gaming experience of your Xbox consoles? With the fast-moving technology, the necessity of fine gadgets becomes increased. And if you look at the gaming innovations, it is one of the competitive zones for every gaming company in the market. The race of providing the best gaming experience to their potential gamers has resulted in having the best of the best range of games and gaming devices to experience the charm of being in action. And to initiate the innovating chain, Microsoft put itself in the gaming zone of the market with its Xbox gaming consoles. With each passing year, the gaming consoles get better in terms of adding the diverse range of features and the better version of the device to provide the best service in the market. The continuous efforts to make the gaming experience better led the tech giant to have the fair amount of gaming fans across the globe. All the newly added gaming players can head on to Xbox live Chat support to get the required assistance kick start their gaming journey.

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Without any stats, you can take a fine guess about the performance of the Xbox in 2016. Well, it’s not only about the launch of the new version of Xbox One, the Xbox One S, but Xbox One also beat the rival PS4 on Black Friday, which is one of the important shopping days of the holiday season. In an Xbox Wire post, Microsoft claimed that around 400 new Xbox One games were launched in the previous year, including the “critically acclaimed” games like “Frozen Horizon 3 and Gears of War 4. Even the add on games will also include many games like MinecraftRecore and Dead Rising 4, which will be available this year. Besides this, Microsoft also highlights its “Xbox Play Anywhere Program” which makes the players play certain games on Xbox One and Windows 10 Pcs without paying anything extra. And you can navigate to Xbox Support Chat if you get stuck in between the action.

The Xbox one compatibility feature also gets a special mention too, as the gamers spent around 265 million hours while playing the Xbox 460 games on Xbox one., including adoring titles like Read Dead Redemption and Skate 3, which was made compatible on the request of the fans. Moving ahead, Microsoft said that it expect the year to be a “special year” for all the Xbox gamers, including the launching of the “Xbox One Project Scorpio”, which it claims to be the most powerful console ever. Besides this, there will be many new games with Xbox live Support, including the like of Halo Wars 2For Honor and Mass Effect: Andromeda. These games can be listed in the category of highly expected video games of 2017.  All the Xbox lovers, if you are struggling with your consoles due to any tech barrier, then you should navigate to Microsoft Xbox Support to get the expert assistance and solutions in a detailed way.  for-honor-on-xbox