Skype Support

Skype is the most popular voice calling and instant messaging application in the world. Skype sports both, paid and free voice calling, so it depends upon the users which service are they interested in. Skype was bought by Microsoft in 2011, and since then, the growth rate of Skype has skyrocketed. One of the highlighting features of Skype is its ability to work on every operating system such as Android, iOS, Windows, Linux and Ubuntu. With the launch of Skype, there comes a revolution on the web and web-based companies because back in the day, the communication was only possible through emails and phone calls.

International calls were only made in the case of emergencies. But, Skype came with a solution, as it allowed people from different countries to communicate with each other over Skype call. Also, there is a feature where people can add money into their Skype accounts to call to phone numbers from Skype. The clarity in voice calls is unmatchable, plus there are a plenty of other features as well, which make this application a lot more fascinating for the people. Now, Skype is loaded with options such as screen sharing, group calling and more. Documents, video and audio files can also be attached with ‘drag & drop’ method, thus making transfer of data a lot easier.

With so many features, it must not be forgotten that Skype is just an app, and so, it can malfunction as well. If you find that your Skype not working properly, then there is no need to worry as we at The Device Support is there to help you fix this and all other issues engulfing Skype app.

Skype is a highly-efficient app with no flaws whatsoever, yet problems related to installation can sprout issues in the app, but if people take the help of a reliable Skype support, then those issues can be fixed at once.

Here are the common issues of Skype for which you can have a look at the solution column of the Device Support.

  1. Skype not responding.
  2. Unable to log into the Skype. (Username or password not right).
  3. Skype Sound not working.
  4. Skype mic not working.
  5. Skype Camera not working.
  6. Unable to connect Skype calls as well as normal calls in Skype.
  7. Skype webcam not working due to problems in configuring the webcam.
  8. Unable to install Skype despite downloading multiple versions.
  9. Skype audio not working.
  10. Skype video not working.
  11. Skype Microphone not working.

For all these issues, we at The Device Support have mentioned a detailed troubleshooting process in an easy-to-understand language. So, read the process and follow it in the same manner in order to rectify the issue(s). If the problem persists after following the troubleshooting process, then you can get in touch with through our Skype support chat, which we have specially made for the situations where no written troubleshooting process is able to help the Skype users.

It won’t be wrong to say that the Skype customer service chat is one of the best features that we have because it allows Skype users to get directly in touch with the experts who are fully-aware of all the problems befalling Skype app.

Why Choose The Device Support For Skype Help and Support?

1. Finding all the possibilities:

In our troubleshooting steps, we have covered all the possibilities that could arise after certain steps. If in the process of following the steps, you come across any different option, then we have mentioned about it, so that you know what to do when you see that option. This is what makes us the best Skype help providers.

2. Educating about the occurrence of the issue:

There is a clear-cut approach in our troubleshooting process, i.e., when the problem reoccurs, you know what needs to be done. For example; if your Skype not connecting despite various tries, then there must be a problem in the internet connection, so you need to fix the internet connection to get rid of the issue. If this problem occurs again, then you know what to do, so you don’t have to log onto