The Next Big Thing will be Amazon Echo in Your Cars

Amazon Echo is like a fancy Siri for your home, that answers your questions and fulfills your commands. Soon you will witness a new thing in Volkswagen cars, it will be Amazon Echo that will assist owners and give updates on car’s status from anywhere. After Google Home in Hyundai cars now you will have your personal digital assistance Amazon Echo in Volkswagen cars also. So, does it really mean that it will tell you about the cheating emissions of your car? Amazon Echo Support will also be provided in the cars.

The announcement of Volkswagen came after the last week announcement of Ford about Alexa that it is going to add Alexa into its fleet. According to a report if Engadget, Volkswagen cars that will have Alexa enabled will be able to do each and everything that Echo can do. The Echo will tell about weather, time, playing music, setting timers, reading books to you, or adding to a grocery list along with the features that are car centered. For more information, you can go to www.Amazon.Com Alexasetup.

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Some of the car centered features include giving updates about the vehicle to the owners and buying supplies for the car. Alexa will the owners whether it is locked or unlocked, the quantity of fuel in the car, the current range of the car and for electric cars, if it is charging. To know more about Amazon echo please contact Amazon Echo Help.

All this will be more useful especially when the owners will not be in the car, then cars will tell you all this. if you tell Alexa, then it can lock or unlock the car or beep its horn.

Alexa is also helpful in ordering supplies or parts for those who don’t keep tabs with them on the products that their car uses. For this, it must be synced to an Amazon account. Volkswagen says that if Alexa can order parts or supplies for your car if you will tell the device what your car needs. Alexa can also help in navigations and set the reminders for you, but this functionality will not be new n case of smartphones.

According to the report in Engadget, there is no time frame for the partnership of Alexa and Volkswagen and when the technology will come is not sure as it is under development currently. The system of the Ford will be out in the coming summer syncing with the infotainment system of the cars. To get the details about Alexa and amazon echo please log on to www Amazon Com Echosetup.