3 Fundamental Privacy Settings Of Amazon Echo You Must Go Through

Robot secretary or controlling everything with the voice was considered nightmare in early 90’s but with the change and update in the technology, this has become possible. Amazon developed a product named ‘Amazon Echo’ that can be used to control smart devices at home just with your voice. This voice assistant was launched in 2015 and till now the company has launched more than 4 products with updates in the market.

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As other rivals like Google has also now started developing smart products, but Amazon is dominating the market. This is due to its largest online library and number of supporting apps. These apps keep on updating at timely intervals.

Despite so many advantages, some people believe that the Alexa keeps on listening what you are saying. So, if you are worried about the recording or thinking that this will enable hackers to hack the device, then keep reading the page.

Today, we are going to discuss 3 fundamental privacy settings of Amazon Echo with which you need to be familiar to.

  1. Turn off Echo’s Mic: Mic is the most important and sensitive part of Echo which converts sound signal to Electrical signal. If it is on for an infinite period of time, then it will keep on recording the conversations and become more prone to attack. In order to protect your private conversation, you must turn off the mic by pressing the mic button from the ring. Press to activate it again.

When you mute the mic again, it will stop listening to what you speak.

  1. Disable voice purchasing or set PIN: As we know that you can add your favorite items from the shopping list into your cart just with your voice. This is the best feature you ever find in a smart Along with this, there are some disadvantages of this feature like; anyone can order through your echo and may breach personal details like address, payment method and etc. To protect your personal data and unnecessary usage, you must set a PIN to enable shopping list. Every time, you will need a PIN to login to the shopping list. You can turn on or off this feature from the ‘Alexa settings’.
  2. Check DropIn settings: Earlier this year, Amazon had revealed another feature in its Amazon Echo by the name of Drop-In’. With this feature, you can connect to multiple persons through an echo device provided another person must have Echo. There is no need to make a phone call after this, you can simply connect to a person through Echo. It will function as an intercom as well as you can call your family for dinner just through Echo instead of shouting through the mouth.

Open Alexa app from the smartphone and go to ‘Settings’.  Scroll down to open ‘Drop In’. After this, you need to click on ‘Speaker’ icon. From here, you can easily turn it off and on.

If you want to enable or disable for particular contact available in the contact list, then you can do through conversation tab of Alexa app. Click on the top right corner. From here, go to the contact list and search for ‘Contact’ you want to add in the disabled list. Once it gets added, you can’t make intercom with that contact.

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