7 most useful Alexa commands you can use on Amazon Echo

By using Alexa and Amazon Echo, you can control an endless number of devices at home with your voice. We hope you might be aware of such things. If not, then nothing to worry. Today, we are going to discuss the 7 most useful commands of Alexa which you can use with Echo in your routine life.

We suggest you to use the Alexa to its full potential. For this, you must know it’s working first which we are going to discuss now.

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  • Welcome to home: With Alexa app installed in your phone and Echo configured with smart devices at home, you can turn on the lights and music at home before arriving there. If you want to turn on the balcony lights before reaching home, then just speak to Alexa. It will turn on the lights at once. There is no need to manually switch on the lights.
  • Act as a host: When any guest or friend has come to your home, then he might be curious to know the Wi-Fi password of your network. At this point, if you are not at home, then you can configure questions and answers in Alexa app. The Alexa will then keep on answering the guest questions and he will be able to connect to the network after getting Wi-Fi password from Alexa.

For this, you have to go to ‘Blueprint page’ and click on ‘Houseguest’ option. Enter the frequently asked questions along with answers in the space provided. You will have to enter the questions like; where is the towel and where do I find toilet paper. Answer these questions carefully as Alexa will give the same answers to the guest staying at home.

  • Modern intercom: Your Amazon Echo will act as a modern intercom if you have more than one echo at home. You can link the echoes together with the help of Alexa. This will help you in making announcements for the entire family.
  • Make free phone calls: A hands-free call and phone call can be made easily through Alexa voice app. You just have to speak to Alexa. If you want to call your mom, then speak ‘Alexa, please call my mom’. If you want to place a call on landline number, then you need to speak the country code along with the name of the person.
  • Manage your appointments: With Alexa, you can manage your schedules as it will act as a personal assistant for you. Just sync the calendar with the Alexa app installed in phone or windows. If there is an upcoming meeting in the coming days, Alexa will remind you for the same. If you want to reschedule it due to some reason, then speak the same to the Alexa, it will reschedule it accordingly.
  • Use of Alexa with smart devices: Besides the above-mentioned functions, you can control your smart devices with Alexa. If you want to turn on the kitchen light without actually moving to the kitchen, then you can do so with the help of Amazon Alexa. Just command Alexa to turn on the kitchen light. You can also control your smartphone with the Alexa app. All the playback controls will then be controlled through your voice. You don’t need to change the songs manually.

So, this is how you can use your Amazon Echo and Alexa voice assistant to its full potential. We hope you have understood these steps.

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