7 Must Know Tips And Tricks For Facebook Account Users

Know the 7 most important tips and tricks which will help you in experiencing the Facebook better.

  1. Images enlarged: If you upload any new image in your Facebook profile, it will get automatically enlarged provided you need to set the image width twice of its height. In case of any help and support, you can contact Facebook tech support.
  2. Newsfeed section has now become smarter: Recently updated algorithms of Facebook now uses the smart technique to determine the type of post you are going to post on your Facebook page. If you are going to update the page from your smartphone, then it may or may not update on a computer In the same way, any post if uploaded from the computer may or may not be shown in your old version phone.
  3. Improved page insights: Facebook officials have recently revamped this page. This page includes; growth, engagement and post reach. You will find ‘Stealth click’ option on the new page which lets you check how many times a post didn’t change to the story. In this way, you can check the posts which you have posted recently. You can even set benchmarks for your insight pages and analyze them.
  4. Editing option available for already posted posts: If you want to edit previous posts, which have been posted by you earlier, then you can easily do this from your computer browser. If you are using iPhone, then editing feature is not available on your device. You can contact Facebook support in this regard. This option has been made accessible to users for this time and they enjoy experiencing it.
  5. Auto-Play video option: If your friend or colleagues has posted any video on the Facebook timeline, then you can watch it online without opening it from source. It will start playing on your device without any interruption. This feature was earlier accessible for personal profiles and pages of musicians only. Though this feature is in its testing face but will soon roll-out.
  6. Public feed API and keyword insights: To share your views on the common topic, you can now use two API’s recently released by Facebook The name of these API’s is Buzz feed, Slate and CNN. You can participate in discussions related to most trendy topics. For more information and support, you can call Facebook customer support.

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You will find this API publically on real-time feed. Your post can be a part of this API if ‘Follow’ option is enabled on your Facebook. The latest news will then start receiving on your page related to the same topic. This tool being new into the Facebook is available for news partner only as of now but will soon open for public. To get the latest update, you need to stay in touch with the Facebook support page.

  1. Insert posts now on a timeline to get like and more follows: Now, you can share your posts with others in a different way. You can publish posts on other Facebook pages. You can insert media along with a post on Facebook profile.

This is all about the tips and tricks which you must try on your Facebook page. In case of any clarification and support, you can call a phone number for Facebook.

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