A smarter way of reading with Kindle Cloud Reader.

You can even enjoy reading when your Kindle device is not with you. It is possible due to Kindle Cloud Reader that can be easily accessed from any of the web browsers.

Kindle Cloud Reader allows you to read books online even when you don’t have the Kindle E-reader with you. You can open the Kindle Cloud Reader in any web browser available on the device connected to the internet network. You can access Kindle Cloud reader for free as it is a free web application designed to read books online. You have to visit www.read.amazon.com whenever you want to access Kindle Cloud Reader for free reading. The user should have an Amazon account to access Kindle Cloud Reading.

Kindle Cloud Reader is almost same like other Kindle apps. So the users will not find any problem while using it. Once you enter the account credentials, you will gain access to all your account information including the purchased books for reading.

Kindle Cloud Reader uses the Amazon’s Cloud storage service for storing files and running the whole application. You can use this storage space for saving your photos and rest other documents. Keeping these details in the Amazon’s Cloud storage will allow you to access all those details anywhere online by logging into your Amazon account. So you need not worry about your pictures and documents from being lost. You can use this cloud storage service for storing all your valuable and confidential data.

There is a Kindle cloud library available for Kindle Cloud Reader that consists of all books that you have downloaded to your Kindle account. All Kindle books are saved on Amazon servers in spite of storing them on devices with Kindle application. This cloud library can be accessed remotely anywhere with the help of any Kindle E-reader or any other Kindle app like Kindle Cloud Reader. Also, remember Kindle Help options are always available to guide you in using the Kindle Cloud Reader.

You can manage the content of Kindle Cloud Reader from your Amazon account. You need to open the “Account settings” option from your Amazon account, then click on setup menu to “Manage the Content and devices” and select the Kindle Cloud Reader settings for making changes. You can add or delete books the changes made to the Cloud Reader will also apply to your actual Amazon Kindle account used for E-reading. To purchase free books, you need to view the details of that book to see the price if it is labeled as $0.00 then click on to buy it.

Even earlier to the introduction of Kindle Cloud Reader people were able to access the Kindle books online with the help of mobile and computer devices that have the Kindle application installed on it. But they were not able to access the Cloud Storage service that is available with Kindle Cloud Reader.

Kindle Cloud Reader is available for different URL addresses depending upon the location of users, for example, people in the UK can access it from www.read.amazon.com.uk, users in Italy need to visit www.read.amazon.it, for Indian users the URL is www.read.amazon.in, etc. Many users might have two Amazon accounts, but still, they cannot use both the devices simultaneously to access the same Kindle library, i.e., Only a single account can be utilized for online reading.

So if in case you don’t have your Kindle device then you can visit the URL for Kindle Cloud Reader to read books online using your Amazon account. You can also get Kindle Support if you find any problem related to Kindle.