Amazon Alexa Soon Going To Come Up In Your Microwave, Wall Clock And Many More Devices

Amazon has recently launched 70 new devices and capabilities for Alexa based product at it’s headquarter in Seattle. Just like an image catalog, Amazon is now going to add its Voice assistance to the devices like Microwave, Wall clock, cars and many more.

All these newly introduced devices will work on the internet and take voice commands through virtual assistant Alexa. The question that arises in everyone’s mind is whether these connected devices will be taken as convenience or complication. Let’s discuss, what company viewpoint on this is.

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Amazon aim is to achieve leadership over its rivals like Apple and Google for Smart-home tech market. As the daily appliances are connecting over the internet and doing automatic operations. So, The Company aims to control all these devices together with your voice.

For instance, Amazon’s latest launch Echo wall clock displays a visual representation of times through Alexa and updates the analog hands automatically through daylight saving time. In the same way, the smart plug can turn on and off the coffee makers, lights and analog devices connected to it simply with your voice.

Amazon is focusing on the kitchen to help those ladies whose hands are covered in cookie dough and want to change the channel of their TV. They are working on the product to make it easier for them to change channels through their voice. Amazon’s Microwave work on voice commands on which you can set the cooking time through your voice. You can command Alexa to boil a potato or make some bread dish for yourself. It will start baking the things within a few minutes.

You don’t need to look at the time or how long will it take to cook a potato. Moreover, the microwave will store the information. When you cook a potato the next time, it will automatically set the time based on previous cooking.

Amazon in its recent press conference also revealed about New Echo show on which they have fixed a display along with the speaker. The company said that it has now become possible to read the whole recipe of any item through the screen rather it will help you in ordering the grocery items online from Amazon store. You can add the items easily through the screen.

Amazon is trying to simplify the things through voice commands. Earlier this year, the company had started selling Fire TV cube, a media streaming box replaced with Amazon Fire on which there was no Alexa support.

It is vital to understand here that all new devices don’t have its own inbuilt mic, so you can make use of your Amazon Echo speaker. You can purchase all new Hockey puck shaped speaker available for $50. It is louder and much advanced than its earlier version. If you want to get bass surround sound, then you can connect Echo Subwoofer available for $130 online on Amazon store.

Echo Auto, a new device recently launched by Amazon is meant for talking Alexa capabilities to the car. It gets connected to the internet through your phone and you can start listening to the route directions through your car speakers.

Amazon is not only trying to reach to its Alexa enabled devices but also to other companies’ products right from thermostat to toiletries.

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