Amazon Echo Alexa: A Perfect Alarm Clock For Morning

Amazon Echo and Alexa are the best partners of yours during bedtime. You can listen to music, radio and set an alarm for the morning. Setting up an alarm only for the morning doesn’t mean that you are using the device fully.

Amazon has now introduced a number of skills besides settings up an alarm in an Amazon Echo. Let’s have a look at the skills recently added in it.

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How to set an Alexa alarm?

This is as simple as it sounds. You simply need to speak the same words to Alexa. Don’t forget to mention AM/PM along with the time. In case you don’t mention the time, Alexa may get confused or will not set alarm according to your choice. You can add multiple alarms on your Echo through your voice.

If you want to turn off the alarm, just speak ‘Switch off Alarm Alexa’. It will get disabled. In the same way, if you want to snooze the alarm for 10 minutes, speak ‘Snooze’ through the mic.

Steps to set music or radio alarm through Alexa

This function was not available in Alexa 1st generation devices. Now, it has become possible to listen to your favorite song in an alarm. The song will get played when alarm ring. If you want to play radio during an alarm, then you can set this as well. For your information, we want to tell you that all the major music apps like Spotify, Pandora, and TuneIn are supported by Virtual Assistant Alexa.

You can open any radio station by speaking ‘Tuneln’. Just speak the Alexa followed by radio station name. If you want to set news as a wake-up a tune, then select the same from the list.

Play bedtime sounds and using of the sleep timer

Until now, we have discussed basics of the alarm clock but if you are not in a mood to sleep at a moment or want to listen to soft music before going to bed, then there is an Alexa skill available which will play ambient sounds. Just say ‘Alexa play ambient sounds’.

The normal track played during this time period is of one hour. There are some smart tricks and tips that can turn it off even after 5 minutes or you can continue playing it even after an hour. If you want to miss any sound or part of music from the track, then simply speak ‘Miss the crashing waves’.

Create a morning or bedtime routine

You can create Alexa group for the morning as well as a bedtime routine. You will find this under ‘Routine section’ of your Alexa app. If you want to switch off the light, dimming the light or change the color of light at night, then speak to Alexa.

In the same manner, if you want to take hot coffee in the morning, then Alexa will remind you of the same and prepare coffee for you through coffee making the machine. If you have a habit of reading the newspaper or turning on the light then you can do the same through Alexa.

The only disadvantage is the non-availability of music, radio and other skills. There are some features that are not directly accessible from Alexa but can be accessed through Yonomi app.

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