Amazon Echo Speakers Are Now Compatible With Apple Music

Good news for those who are using Amazon Echo speakers and Apple Music, as they now will be able to use Apple Music using Alexa. This is a big story that will materialize on December 17. Check out more about the news in the section below.

A new episode of the “bromance” between Apple and Amazon, the first streaming service will appear on the speakers of the second. Alexa will be able to control Apple Music in a few days.

Alexa plays Bohemian Rapsody on Apple Music, “a phrase that Amazon Echo speaker owners will soon be able to pronounce. On his blog, Amazon announces that it has sealed a partnership with Apple to integrate Apple Music into its ecosystem. This is the first time that the second streaming service in the world opens to another smart speaker that the HomePod, itself developed by Apple.

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Apple and Amazon, best friends forever

A time in the cold war – Amazon had removed the Apple TV from its store since its Prime Video service was absent from these – Apple and Amazon have never got along as well as today. In recent days, Tim Cook’s company products are on sale at an official Amazon store, and the two companies seem to be allied again. During the WWDC 2017, Apple even made Amazon its guest of honor by announcing the arrival of Prime Video on Apple TV and including it later as a star service of its TV application.

Thanks to this alliance with Amazon, Apple is gradually releasing its streaming service, which required users to go through a HomePod to be controlled by voice. Speakers like Sonos One, compatible with Alexa, will be able to drive Apple Music without the user having to use AirPlay or Bluetooth to select audio content.

Screen speakers, such as Echo Show, will show the album cover of the current album but not the lyrics. Alexa will be able to control Apple Music from December 17th onwards. Those who are using Amazon Echo will now be able to play their favorite music files from Apple Music. There is no surprise that this collaboration is going to be fruitful because two big tech giants are coming together for the first time at this magnitude. Therefore, it is going to be truly incredible.

Next step for Apple, open its streaming service to the Google ecosystem. Apple Music works with Google Assistant on Android smartphones, but not yet with Google Home speakers. It remains to be seen if Google is not too much of a rival to become a full partner. Asked by USA Today, Apple’s vice president of services, Eddy Cue, is keen to open Apple Music to as many devices as possible.

Therefore, it is going to be interesting to see how this collaboration of Apple and Amazon bodes. I am sure it is going to bode well because it is going to give a new way to users to enjoy their favorite music. Let’s wait until 17th December as that is when the service is going to be available on Amazon Echo and related devices.

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