Amazon Launches Alexa App for Windows 10

After a humungous success of Alexa on Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Tap, Show and other Amazon devices, the smart voice assistant will finally step foot outside of the Amazon territory. Amazon has decided to launch Alexa app for Windows 10, so it’ll be interesting to see how that works out for both companies.

The application, available on the Microsoft Store, offers a large portion of the services offered by conventional Echo speakers.

Alexa escapes from her Echo speakers and arrives on PC! Amazon has launched an application dedicated to its virtual assistant, available on the Windows Store for free. Nothing has been said on the features that will be available for the use of Windows users, but people will get to know about all of that soon.

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All Alexa services (or almost) on PC

Alexa desktop version works in the same way as on connected speakers. You can create alarms and timers for the kitchen, list your next appointments, get information, the weather of the day or play music with a simple voice command.

The Alexa skills, these partner services integrated in the wizard, are also present to find your preferred content or your favorite centralized information sources in a single software. Small false note however: Spotify is not available at launch, as well as chat applications or streaming video. However, they are announced for the coming weeks.

For the moment, the Alexa application for PC is only available in English and German, but should be available in French in the course of 2019.

Microsoft and Amazon partners on the connected wizard domain

The goal of this app is to continue the Alexa experience when you are traveling. It is possible from the PC to connect to connected devices in the house, including all video surveillance systems, and keep an eye on the house wherever you are.

Alexa’s arrival on the Windows Store was expected, as both Amazon and Microsoft are getting closer lately about their connected wizards. Cortana has recently been available on Amazon Echo instead of Alexa. Conversely, it is possible to replace Cortana with the Amazon Assistant in Windows 10 and to converse directly to the voice without pressing a command key, but only on a few compatible computers, essentially HP or Asus brand.

It is a great move by Amazon to expand the horizon of Amazon Alexa and launch it on other platforms. However, it is surprising that Amazon chose Windows knowing that the latter has its own voice assistant by the name of ‘Cortana’. There must be strategy laid down by both companies to come up with such a decision, but one thing is sure.

People who are using Windows devices are definitely going to get a huge boost in terms of functionality with the inclusion of Amazon Alexa. It will be interesting to see as to how many features will be available for Windows users. Will Amazon provide a full-fledge version of Alexa for Windows users or is it just going to be a few unlocked features. This is something that only time will tell.

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