Amazon rolled out multi-room audio control ability to all the Echo devices

The e-commerce company has taken the step to improve your music listening. Now, easily synchronize and control the music on multiple echo devices.

All Echo users, how your digital echo is performing? With the different versions, Amazon Echo has become one of the key devices in the category of smart home appliances. The bunch of fascinating features and useful services, the echo speakers has also marked their places in the home of almost all the users.

In the changing trend and intense competition, the finest product of Amazon lacked somehow to stay in the race. Apart from providing the fine support in controlling all the activities, there were rumors that the e-commerce giant was working on the multiform audio into all the echo devices. Well, the rumor just turned out to be a real one, as the company announced that you can now synchronize and control the audio in your every room on different echo devices. You will be able to play your music on a particular device or any group of multiple devices.

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From the Alexa app, all the users can easily create groups of the speakers, for example, all the speakers placed in the upstairs rooms of the house and you are willing to listen to your favorite music- all you need to do is just give the command. Currently, the ability is offered with the iHeartRadio, Pandora, Amazon Music, TuneInSiriusXM and Spotify support is also coming in the future.

Apart from rolling the latest Alexa ability, Amazon will also be making the tools available later in this year that will permit the developers to enable the standalone Alexa-based devices to get combined with the latest “multi-room feature’. So, all the users with the Echo devices and Alexa-enabled speakers will be capable of using them together to play your favorite music.

Talking about the other trending speakers, Sonos and Google Home already have been accessing the multiform abilities. While Amazon has just declared an extra feature that will accompany the Echo device more than just a competitor. Well, the latest linked Speaker APIs of Amazon will also permit the other audio systems to be managed by Alexa.  According to the company, it’s been in the talks that it has been working with Sonos, Bose, Samsung, and Sound United on the upcoming ability, which would let all the users control the linked Sonos speakers via their Echo Dot, just for instance.

With the latest ability of “multi-room music” feature, all the users can easily target a group of devices to keep listening as they get engaged with their work at home.

With the announcing of the feature and enhancing the music-listening experience of all the users, the company has also declared a special student discount for the Amazon Music Unlimited. The membership for the prime and non-prime members run on $7.99 and $9.99 per month respectively, but Amazon has now just dropped the price to just $4.99 for all the students out there. The offer is for a limited time, as the company will provide the offer to the eligible students to get enroll for six months for just $6.

The Amazon Music Unlimited provides access to the entire library holding up to millions of songs, while the library with the Prime has got only two million songs. It also renders some fascinating features including no ads, latest music, and unlimited skips. Even, the unlimited plan for all the students also render the Alexa voice controls. Overall, you will be able to get your music anywhere in your house with just a command. So, head to access the latest feature and synchronize your audio in a better way.