Amazon Wants To Introduce Her Vocal Assistant Alexa Into Your Car, Your Kitchen And Walls

The US group presented Thursday a dozen new products, based on its connected speaker system Echo, which can be used with cars, clocks, and even microwave ovens. Amazon Echo was supposed to be a basic smart voice assistant, but these new capabilities have allowed people to use this device in a number of ways. Let us discuss more the capabilities in order to have a better idea as to how exactly it can be used with cars, kitchen, and home appliances.

At an event in Seattle last month, Amazon unveiled a dozen new connected objects, mainly variants of its Echo system, with which a user can dialogue through the voice assistant named Alexa.

Image result for Alexa in the car, in the kitchen, on the walls

Several of these announcements concern new declensions of the Echo speakers were presented including updates of “Echo Dot” (the cheapest and the smallest connected speaker of Amazon) and “Echo Plus” (thicker), supposed to make a better sound. A range called “Echo Sub”, more imposing (100 watts), and connection management modules and amplification-connected speakers connected (“Echo Link”), also appear.

Alexa in the car, in the kitchen, on the walls

Amazon’s other ads are about extending its Echo / Alexa system to other environments. The American group specializing in e-commerce has, for example, presented a small round module, named “Echo Input”, which can connect to existing audio systems to turn them into connected speakers. For example, a Bluetooth speaker or a hi-fi system that does not have voice commands.

Amazon’s other ads reflect this desire for expansion. Amazon wishes to place his Echo/Alexa system:

In cars, with an Echo Auto module suitable for the car. By plugging this box with several microphones to his smartphone, and placing it on the dashboard, it allows drivers to launch various connected functions, including audio guidance. This to simplify access to his smartphone without putting his fingers while driving.

On our walls, with a wall clock connected to the Echo. It allows to display, thanks to an LED system, the countdowns started on an Echo speaker.

The device can be used to control microwave ovens. The new oven model presented by Amazon will indeed be able to be connected to an Echo speaker located nearby. Voice commands to the speaker can start cooking and adjust the duration.

In an interview with the BBC, one of Amazon’s top executives, David Limp, justified these new ranges by explaining, “Many objects in our homes are not yet connected to the Internet.” When the BBC reporter asks, “Why would I want my microwave oven to be connected to the Internet? David Limp answers: “At first I asked myself the same question. However, microwaves are sometimes complicated to use, even for simple tasks.”

The arrival of Echo interfaces in other environments also raises the question of the personal data collected by Amazon through its system of voice commands. Like Google, Amazon indeed collects searches made on Alexa nominative. They provide you with a lot of information about your tastes and interests, which is then used by Amazon to send you product recommendations.

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