Amazon’s Digital Assistance, ‘Alexa’ will be your Bartender

Patrón Spirits launched the Patrón Cocktail Lab on 21st of July, good thing is that now the company’s app for Echo tells you the cocktail’s recipe and tips.

What if we say that now technology will be your bartenders? Hard to believe but as we know we’re living in advanced era where almost everything is possible. Well people who are fond of cocktails will glad to know that now Amazon’s digital assistance will become the bartender for people. So tequila lover who’ve got the Amazon Echo Tap can ask for recipes and tips of cocktails. Patrón Spirits, Patrón is a tequila’s brand products produced by Patrón Spirits Company in Mexico. On 21st of July, Patrón Cocktail Lab has been launched by the Patrón Spirits within Amazon Echo, through which people are allowed to use the voice activated Alexa’s technology.

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As we all know that Alexa is known as Amazon Echo’s voice or simply a digital assistance, you can ask for cocktail recommendations, recipes and tips. If you’re new to it, then rush to www amazon com echosetup for Alexa App.

Alexa will help you or simply give you perfect tips like a professional bartender regarding how to make a cocktail. This new addition to Amazon Echo’s repertoire of apps and gadgets adds to the reconcilable lightbulbs, thermostats, SPotify etc. Lee Applabaum (Global Chief Marketing Officer at Patrón Spirits) said- “The smart home connects through things like Amazon Echo,” plus he also added “[Echo] will soon know the weather and your calendar; you can come home, and Echo knows you had a rough day…and give you an appropriate drink that’s different from what you had the day before.”

Amazing thing about Echo is addition of new features, which makes this gadget smarter. As you’re reading that now Amazon’s voice can act as a fine bartender. If you owned the Echo or going to own it then you can take Amazon Echo Help to understand any procedure or step where you’re facing obstacle. Applbaum also said that through technology company’s only objective is to provide education in an entertaining way.

An educational video was introduced by Patrón last year with the help of virtual reality, called “The Art of Patrón”. In which participants saw the company’s agave field and the Hacienda Headquarter in Mexico from the bee’s perspective.

This video not only provided the entertainment and enjoyment of virtual reality but also made them understand the origin of tequila. The company’s app for Amazon Echo will inform the users about tequila’s versatility as well as strengthening the “authentic artisanal brand.”