Check out the best Kindle option for 2017

If you are willing to buy a new Kindle device for your e-reading, then check out the best Kindle option with reasonable prices in 2017.

All Kindle users, how is it going with your Kindle device? Being one of the top class products of Amazon, the Kindle device has been the key player in the category of e-reading devices. With the lineup of fine features and services, the dynamic e-reading device has also been the first choice for all the global users around the world.

With the fast pace of the competition and technology, Amazon has also been evolved in the upgrading of its Kindle lineups with the exclusive features and functions to render the quality e-reading experience to all the users. The retail e-commerce giant is now counted as the most popular destinations for all the eBooks and print books, which got boosted with the rising popularity of the eBook reader, the Kindle.

It is true that having books is the best thing, but today the Kindle device has become the crowded place in the recent years. There was a time when there was only one Kindle, but now there are four versions. This is now making it quite difficult for all the e-readers to choose the best on for them. This is the reason we come up with a handy guide to let you choose the best Kindle according to your preference.

Similarities between all the Kindle devices- You can search out a lot of differences between all the Kindles, but there are few number of similarities among all the Kindles. For all the starters, the storing way of all the versions is quite same. Every Kindle comes up with the 4 GB of storage and contain thousands number of books at a particular time. Even the screen size of all the Kindles also features a 6in glare-free screen. Still, there are some differences regarding the screen technologies between the various Kindles, but there is a similarity in the screen size. Now, let’s head on to all the Kindle versions and check out which is the best option for you.

  • The Basic Kindle (£59 (ad supported) or £69 (ad-free))- The basic Kindle is simply known as the Kindle, and for many, this is the first choice as there e-reader which they require. The touchscreen display got a resolution of 167ppi for the simple text. You can only get this version in a Wi-Fi model, so if you don’t prefer 3G at all, this is the best option for you.
  • Kindle Paperwhite (£109 (ad supported) or £119 (ad-free)- The next Kindle version in the Kindle lineup is the Kindle Paperwhite. The reason behind getting this name was that it was the first Kindle to feature a built-in backlight and a fine screen resolution of 300 ppm, providing a fine natural paper-like display due to the better-enhanced You can consider the lowest level of Kindle which you can purchase if you wish to have 3G. Being similar to the basic Kindle, the Paperwhite lacks the physical button which results in turning the page by the clicking on the touchscreen.
  • Kindle Voyage- (£169 (Wi-Fi) or £229 (3G)- The third version of the Kindle lineup is Kindle Voyage, which is the first Kindle that doesn’t render an ad-supported version. It is also quite costly than the Paperwhite. While it does provide the 300ppi resolution of the Paperwhite’s display along with the front light. One of the big differences from the Paperwhite is that the voyage version accesses the PagePress technology to turn out the pages. The usage of this technology signifies that there is no requirement that the hands don’t require to leave the device to touch out the screen for turning the pages.
  • Kindle Oasis (£269 (Wi-Fi) or £329 (3G)– The latest and the last member is the most expensive Kindle Oasis. The most appealing feature of the Kindle Oasis version is its latest form factor. Being shorter as compared to the other Kindle versions, the last version of the Kindle lineup features a strong handgrip and tapered design. The display of the last Kindle version also accesses a built-in light that features 60% more LEDs than all the other kindles.

So, head on to choose your favorite Kindle version and have the best e-reading experience.

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