Check out the important features of Kindle Oasis software

If you got Kindle oasis on your side, then here are some important and improved features of Kindle oasis software for the better e-reading experience.

Are you doing well with your Kindle oasis version? In the lineup of all the Kindle versions, Kindle oasis is one of the e-readers which has emerged as the fair performer for Amazon in the market. With the bunch of some of the key features and services, Kindle oasis has also proven its place as one of the classic version of Kindle for all the worldwide users out there.

With the improving trend and competition, Amazon is continuously on its feet to improve the lineup of Kindle versions by adding the classic features to better the e-reading experience of all the Kindle users out there. The appealing thing about the Amazon’s Kindle is that it has got the lineup of best eBooks under its web of Kindle store, which renders the best reading experience to all the users.

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Well, in the lineup of all the Kindle versions, if you are one of the users of Kindle oasis, then you must be aware that keeping the software updated is one of the important things that keeps the performance of device much better. Currently, the new version for the Kindle oasis is Once your Kindle oasis is linked wirelessly, the update directly gets download and installs on the device. Apart from the automatic update, you can also head to the manual way to download and move the update directly to the device by using a USB cable.

All the important features of the Kindle oasis latest software version-

  • Ragged Right Alignment- All the Kindle oasis users can easily read by using the left-aligned in the place of justified. You can easily choose the alignment option from the Display Settings Menu in the Kindle books with the inability of Enhanced Typesetting. Just head to the Kindle bookstore page and check out for the “Enhanced Typesetting: Enabled” option in the whole features list.
  • Quick highlighting- All the users can easily touch and quickly drag any highlight. Just head on to click the highlight again to remove or edit it.
  • Better manga page turns controls- At the time of using up the feature of fast continuous page turn to read the manga, you can head to drag from left to right to control the direction and speed of the feature.
  • Preview manga double page spreads- While reading the manga, the software version renders a preview of the double-page spreads at the center of the page. By just clicking the preview, users can get the view the full landscape view of the spread and can also easily close it by clicking again.
  • Crop margins in the manga- With the updated software version, users can delete the unnecessary blank pages from all the manga pages to get the better view and access to the content. You can easily use this option by enabling it from the Display Settings menu in your manga books.

Well, these features of the latest software version can easily make your e-reading experience much better. Apart from the automatic download and installation of the software update, you can also manually download and install the latest software update. Before you head to the step of a software update, do make sure about your current version of the software.