Comprehensive Review Of An Ultimate E-Reader: Amazon Kindle Oasis

E-readers nowadays have been developed by many companies. Some of the popular companies are Sony, Nook, kobo’s and indeed Kindle from Amazon.

Kindle has been in the market from last few years and it has captured the e-reader market successfully. Kindle comes in four different versions. The wallet friendly cheapest Kindle can be brought for £60 only. The middle segment Kindle voyage can be brought for just £169.

Kindle has also revolutionized itself from last few years. I remember my first Kindle that was having full keyboard. I can’t able to download the books on it first I had to download the books through my computer then I was able to transfer to the Kindle device. I did Kindle download on my computer.

Kindle 2016 is totally changed. It’s not only in physical form but also feature wise. In this edition, you don’t need any computer to download the book, this feature is built-in. if you purchase 3G model of Kindle oasis then you can download the books from anywhere. The books are also reasonable in price at Kindle store.

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Overview of Kindle Oasis is discussed below. In this blog we will discuss the characteristics of oasis model that makes it different from other Kindle model.

  1. It is lighter and squarer in shape: It has two physical button on one side and power charging buttons on the other side. The size of this device is so compact that you can hold this in hand for longer time period. There is no risk of slippery from the hand. The old traditional books were so heavy and not be transported easily but with the development of such e-readers, it has become possible to carry the favorite bookswith yourself. You can download the latest books by just installing the Amazon Kindle updateYou can easily place this device in your bag without any worry of taking up a pages with yourself. You can store thousands of books at atime in its memory.
  2. Battery and glove cover: This device comes with the back cover and the battery cover that is easy for hands to grip. The cover also helps from breakage due to any accident. If you want to charge your Kindle device than you just need to connect the charger to the cover only. It will connect to the Kindle automatically through magnetic field.
  3. Display screen:It has 60 LED placed inside the screen with screen resolution of 300 PPI. This is very easy for eyes, you will not feel any strain or stress in your eyes after or during reading. The Kindle oasis model has 6 inches Full HD screen. If you want to know technically then you can take Amazon Kindle support fromthe official website. There is font change option in the Kindle, which lets you to change the style of your font as per your requirement. The font size can also adjusted accordingly. The brightness level is so high that you can feel strain free in reading through it. There is dictionary and thesaurus option in it with which you can easily find the meanings of different words and you can save it your Kindle for future use.

Can I download the books easily?

The answer to this question is definitely yes. You can easily search the books and download it in your Kindle. You can find book from the Kindle store. There are thousands of books uploaded on the Kindle store. The Kindle store enables you to download book freely or by paying nominal charges. Main thing to be kept in mind is that you need to update the Kindle store regularly. Kindle Fire update for Kindle Fire series model is available on Kindle official website.

So you can prefer this Kindle oasis model as its shape and size is actually according to the choice of customers.

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