Configure Alexa Drop In And Calling Function Efficiently On Amazon Echo With These Steps

Today, in this discussion we would like to let you know the steps to configure Alexa Drop In and calling a function on Amazon to echo. But before this, we will have a look at ‘What is Alexa Drop In actually and how to use it’

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What is Alexa Drop In and how to enable?

This feature allows you to call at any Alexa enabled device without requiring any handset or telephone. You can talk to your family members within the home through Alexa Drop In feature. In other words, we can say that this is like an intercom for large homes where rooms are apart from each other.

Steps to sign up

After getting the app on the device, the next job is to connect the Echo to the app. This is possible only after sign-up. You have to sign-up on the app to start the calling and messaging function. Click on ‘Conversation’ option from the top to sign-up to the account.

Devices that currently supports Drop In and calling

  • Echo Dot
  • Amazon Echo plus
  • Amazon Echo show
  • Echo spot and Echo

How to begin with Drop-In from Alexa device?

To start with the Drop-In feature, there is no need to carry a smartphone, you can directly talk to Alexa from the available Echo device. Just speak Alexa ‘Start a call’. This will start searching for available devices. The steps to use the Drop-In for far devices is different.

How to use for family and friends?

Open your friend or family contact information from the Drop In, you can open directly by speaking the name to the Alexa. All the contacts matching the search will appear on the screen if you are using Echo show device.

How to use Alexa Drop-In from App?

Open the app and click to open contact. Click on ‘Conversation tab’. You will be directed to Drop In menu from here. Click to open the contact list from the top of the menu. In case the contact you are searching for is not on the list, you can add it manually.

Alexa calling and messaging

We can understand from the name itself, you can make a call to connected devices. If you want your mom could power on Drop In, then you can use the feature available in it. However, the primary function available is to call your friend or family through Alexa voice. If you don’t want to talk, you can send a voice message to him/her.

How to call through Alexa?

As we have said earlier, in order to make a call, you have to first open the contact list from where you can select the particular contact. You have to speak the name of particular contact through the mic. All the registered numbers and devices will be made available on the screen. You can press on anyone out of these to start talking over it. It means that the usage of the phone is totally limited now after the advent of such intelligent devices. The only requirement is internet connection with good speed.

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