Eliminate The 4 Most Common Issues Of Alexa Through The Following Steps

All the smart devices from Amazon like Echo and tap works on Artificial Intelligence technology and reply to your voice commands through voice assistant Alexa. However, the things don’t go as it is. You may come across strange issues that can only be solved after getting technical support from executives or read on-screen instructions from online support page. If everything works normally, then you can control the thermostat of your heater and LED lights at home through smart Echo device.


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Today, we have bought a concrete guide for you that will help you in eliminating the 4 most common issues related to Alexa encountered on Amazon Echo device.

  1. Alexa not able to discover the smart home devices: When you connect the device to the Alexa enabled echo, don’t forget to check the compatibility first. If your Amazon echo supports the device only then you can connect the device with each other. The common companies that support Echo device are Honeywell, Philips, and Ecobee3.

Adding device: To add a new product, over to ‘Smart home’ and click on ‘Discover devices’. You must enable the ‘Device scan’ option on the device which you are going to connect to the Echo. If you find on device scanned under the list, then check the system settings or contact Echo support team immediately.

If you find the problem of connecting the devices is still not solved, then follow the steps as mentioned below:

  • Check the network strength on your device. If it is Ok, then there might be some software glitch. To solve this, restart both the devices and check after this.
  1. Alexa De-link itself: If the connection to the device is cut-off automatically, then follow the steps mentioned here as under:
  • Restart all the devices like modem, speaker and router. Try playing the content now. If you still find any problem contact, Amazon support.
  1. Alexa not listening to you: In case Echo Mic doesn’t recognize your voice or not responding according to you, then either there is a problem with the connection or the mic is not clear. Turn off the mic and clean it externally with a soft cloth. Turn it on again and check if it is listening or not. You will get answers to your query immediately if Alexa is listening to you.

Besides this, you can follow the online voice training program available on the Alexa website. Here you will find different tips and tricks to get the most out of the Alexa. You can check the permissible limit and distance between Alexa and you through this page.

  1. Accidental activation of Alexa: Sometimes, some people report that their Alexa activates all of a sudden without their knowledge. It even amazed them that how it happens. Actually, the reason behind this is the similar voice of cast member in the show or movie to your voice. Alexa will start responding immediately.

To fix this problem, follow the steps.

  • Change the location of your mic.
  • Press a mute button from the Echo device when not in use.
  • Change the wake word of Alexa that can’t be easily cracked.

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