Get ‘My Day’ on Your Google Home

If you’re Google Home user, then here we will tell you the role and functionality of ‘My Day’ plus how you can set up and manage it.

One of the huge use cases for nay home assistant is when you first wake up. It can be used as another aspect that both Google Home and Echo’s digital voice have is the capability to support you get going the morning. So, let’s take a glimpse at how you can set the ‘My Day’ aspect on your Google Home. Those who don’t know the Google Home Setup steps then can contact the professionals.

The role of ‘My Day’ Do?

So what’s the functionality of ‘My Day’, using this aspect you will be able to get information regarding weather, estimated travel time on your regular commute, hear calendar events you have set, and even receive reminded of a future flight. To trigger this aspect, you need to say ‘Ok Google, tell me about my day.” From there the device will begin the brief prompt about the day ahead. No doubt, this is best used in the morning, but it can be used at any point during the day. Rest for any Google Home Support you get in touch with experts.

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How to set up and manage ‘My Day’

Setting up this feature on Google Home is also pretty easy. Here’s what you need to do.

  1. You need to open the Google Home app on your iOS or Android device.
  2. Make a tap on the menu icon at the top of left corner
  3. Verify that your Google assistant is connected with your primary Google account. If the account listed is your primary and Google Home options emerge below, you’re fine to navigate.
  4. Tap More Settings
  5. Now select My Day
  6. Make a tap on the checkbox next to the My Day components you’d like to turn off or on
  • Weather – local weather (based on app location)
  • Work commute – determined based on the rapid route between your location and your preset address of work.
  • Next meeting – Navigate to calendar
  • Reminders

NOTE:  Remember, you can’t set reminders on Google Home. The device will pull reminders from what was set via Google Now, Assistant, or Chrome.

  1. Now make a selection, how the summary will terminate
  • ‘My Day’ can either end with your personalized audio news feed, or it can directly finish

For more support, you can take Google Home Guide or professionals help. And those who are new to Google Home, they can easily grab the accurate steps of set up by navigating to Google Home Com Support.

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