Get To Know The Smart Microwave Of Amazon And Other Releases Of The Echo Line

Amazon introduced a new line of Echo devices last week. Three models already existed and were reformulated: the Echo Dot, the Echo Plus and the Echo Show. The fourth is the new Echo Auto, smart system equipped with the car-friendly Alexa wizard. In addition, the company has announced five devices that complement Echo devices, which add extra functionality to smart speakers.

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Another new feature is the Fire TV Recast, a DVR specially designed to be used with Fire TV and the Echo Show. The company also introduced a microwave, called Amazon Basics Microwave, and the Amazon Smart Plug, a controller for compatible smart systems such as lights, fans and coffee makers. See below for details on each Amazon release, including pricing and availability.

Smart Home

Amazon Basics Microwave is a compact microwave with the most anticipated differential between releases: integration with Alexa. After connecting it to an Echo box, the user can simply ask the appliance to start cooking, thawing the meat, boiling water, and other functions.

It also has Amazon’s Dash Replenishment service, which controls food levels at the dispensary and ensures the homeowner never runs out of the items he considers most important.

Amazon Smart Plug is a smart outlet for controlling smart home components such as fans, lights or coffee makers. It works with any device that supports the voice assistant, whether it’s an Echo box, Fire TV, Fire tablet or even the smartphone with the Alexa app installed, if both are on the same Wi-Fi network.

Echo Show

One of the highlights is the new Echo Show, which had the most aggressive upgrade between the Echo models. The device features a larger 10-inch display and audio enhancements. The two 2-inch neodymium speakers deliver stereo sound and bring Dolby processing, promising deep bass and powerful bass.

Much of the reformulation was made with the experience of entertainment. As a result, the device gained integration with Hulu and NBC to enable live and on-demand video viewing in the kitchen. The introduction of Vevo comes in this bundle, making it easier to watch video clips only with voice command.

The second generation innovates to bring integration with video bells, feature for the time being compatible with Ring and August brands. If the doorbell rings or the security camera detects movement in front of the house, the user may say something like “Alexa, answer the door” to see and talk to whoever is at the door. You can also configure the Echo Show to send a voice message when someone rings the bell, for example, among other actions.

An integrated smart home hub makes it easy to set up and control other smart home appliances. Upon receiving the command “Alexa, discover my devices,” the Echo Show will configure all of the most compatible light bulbs, jacks, and electronics automatically, without the need for additional apps. With a tablet-like design, Amazon’s system delivers a 5-megapixel camera that lets you make video calls by Alexa or via Skype – the latter will be released “soon.”

Echo Auto

Echo Auto’s proposal is to extend the use of Alexa to the car. It gathers eight microphones, designed especially for car acoustics, and speech recognition technology. Combining these two features makes the wizard able to understand commands even with music playing, road noise, and other noise disturbances.

The audio output is made through the vehicle’s sound system, with which the Echo Auto connects via Bluetooth or a 3.5 mm plug. Already the connection with Alexa is made with the assistance of the assistant app, available for Android and iOS phones.

The handset can perform tasks such as placing it to play an audiobook, listen to music, or know about traffic updates. Alexa also lets you schedule routine actions, such as turning on your headlights when you enter the garage, setting alerts to pick up the car from the mechanic, and more. The power is made by the 12V socket or via USB port.

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