Google Home Got Enabled with New Smart Home Products

In the fine list of compatible third-party smart products, Google home has recently got enabled with the bunch of new lineup of products.

Are you enjoying the company of your fine Google Home? If you got Google Home on your side, then you must be having the satisfactory experience in terms of balancing all the activities of your smart home. By rendering the dynamic bunch of features and enthralling services, the digital partner has also grabbed the fine number of users across worldwide. Being a new user of the device, you can head on to Google home setup to setup your device in a proper way.

Since the launch of the speaker, the mighty giant, Google has been quite active in terms of adding many features and services in order to make the device more compatible for all the users out there. Apart from the features and services, the compatibility factor with the third party products is actually the reason the smart digital speaker has grabbed the eyeballs of many potential companies across the global boundaries in order to power up their products with the speaker’s voice ability.

The Google home is now standing on its full potential to provide the fine support in terms of all the useful smart appliances. With tons of companies getting integrated with the speaker, the list of compatible products has dramatically got increased. There are many new additions to the compatibility list of products, which you can check out below. If get any issue with the powering of current products, you can simply head to Google home help for better assistance and solutions.

  1. Lifx – Just like your smart Phillips Hue bulbs, you will be now able to switch your lifx bulbs on and off, even adjusting the brightness and changing the color would also be easy with just a voice command to your home speaker. Unlike Phillips Hue bulbs, the lifx bulbs don’t require any internet connection. Simply install the bulbs, connect it with your account in the fine Google Home app and just give your command.
  2. Wink – All the Wink-enabled thermostats and products will now get powered with the Google Home. The products include, outlets, dimmers, switches, and bulbs. It has also joined the SmartThings as the second giant smart home platform to work out with the home.
  3. Rachio – Another fine trick for the smart speaker, you will simply able to switch on the garden sprinkles with your voice command. The amazing Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller links with the Home’s Wi-Fi and also track the weather to water in an efficient manner. It can simply powers up to 16 zones of the in-ground sprinklers, which you can easily turn off and on with your command to your home.
  4. Frigidaire – Apart from having the ability to power the temperature through a thermostat, the Frigidaire Cool Connect will enable the speaker to cool up the place. With the command of your voice, you will simply be able to power the temp settings on the Frigidaire’s smart air conditioner.
  5. First Alert – With the dynamic First Alert Wi-Fi Thermostat, Google just gives you another offer to power the temperature with your voice command. You will be able to check and set the temp with the help of your Google assistant.
  6. Geeni – Expanding the list of smart lighting products, you will be now able to power the Geeni’s smart bulbs and switches with the amazing Google home.

If get any issue while setting up these new add-ons with your digital assistant, just navigate to Google Home Support for expert assistance and guidance.

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