How Amazon Echo Can Help Automate Your Home

Amazon Echo, a splendid device is still unfamiliar to many of us. We are not well aware of its functioning and magic. If we talk about it, then it is totally based on smart technology that has created a Boom in smart home devices. It is a cylindrical shaped device with integrated smart speaker and array of the microphone. It works on the speech recognition technology that works according to your speech or audio words. Amazon Echo was released by the company in 2014 and since then, it has shown an exponential growth in its sales.

As far as its size is concerned, it is 9.25 inches long cylindrical shaped device with Amazon Echo setup capability. It gets connected to your home appliances and communicate with them on the basis of your voice commands. There is no restriction of working in a single direction, you can communicate with it in any direction. Its Omni-directional sound is audible from every corner, you can easily listen to its feedback through boom surround speakers.

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Virtual assistant voice service named Alexa is available on the device. You only need to do Amazon Alexa setup on your device, rest everything is done by the Echo device itself. It must be noted that Amazon integration with the smart home devices is must. So for this, echo setup is necessary from www amazon com echosetupAfter successfully setting up the Echo device with the smart devices, user can easily interface with the Alexa. This is wake up word for Amazon Echo.

Now we are going to discuss that how Amazon Echo changed everything at home. With the help of Echo device and voice service Alexa, you can ask anything about news, weather reports and sports from Alexa. Moreover, you have option to ask traffic details on particular route on prior basis where you wish to go later. The important feature incorporated in the Amazon Echo as well as in Amazon Echo Tap is home automation system. You can control lights, Fans and heating element with your voice through Amazon Echo.

Latest update recently added in the interface in dominos and Uber. You can order Pizza and request for a ride with the help of voice service. Simple told Alexa to order pizza online. It will search for available Pizza Shops and add the quantity into the cart. In case of any problem, you can take Amazon Echo help from the website. Amazon echo is considered as marvelous device that has brought the revolution at home.

As per reports by Atlantic, companies like Apple and Roku are also providing such input boxes with incorporated capabilities to connect to the TV through downloaded apps.

In these days, you will find that in every car has GPS system with music controlled through the graphical user interface connected with the smart phone app. The amazon Echo app for connecting the mobile with the echo device is available on mobile store as well as on echo setup.

Nest Labs, one of the famous company was captured by Google in 2014 and it was known for manufacturing the smoke detectors that allow users to check and control the heat of thermostats with the help of smart phones at home. They were the first in the segment of controlling the thermostats with the device. But due to some technical problem in the software, this product was not liked by the consumers and they were totally dis-satisfied with it.

Another company, who had been into the market for manufacturing the similar technology also faced a bad experience by the users. This company was into the market of Smart bulbs and wireless blinds. Major issues reported are improper integration of device, pricing and defiance from customers.

Echo being a low cost device crisscross these problems and maintain the regular updates to meet the changing demands. This is a device that is totally meant for enjoyment and controlling the home devices strongly. The Alexa voice assistant is common for all the device like Amazon echo and Amazon Echo Dot. During the days of black Friday sale, Echo was the fourth best-selling device on amazon link.