How Can We Fix Video Issues On Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet?

Amazon Fire is a product of Amazon and it can also be seen at kindle support. These Fire tablets run on fire operating system which is special version of android. It has Amazon kindle store installed on it from where we can download books or other reading material. Fire tablets have various models and HD and HDX are the latest models available in market.

While using Amazon Fire tablets, users may face certain kind of issues. To solve these issues or for any other problem they can contact kindle customer service. There is no Google play store in the Fire tablets as on other android tablets. There is a Kindle store to download apps. Kindle help will guide its customers to download apps or in using the Fire tablet. If users are facing any problem in watching videos on Fire tablet then they have to try following steps to solve this problem.

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  1. Restart your Fire tablet: The first and easiest step is to restart your device. Sometimes video does not play due to cache or bad internet connection. This can be solved by rebooting the device, router and modem.
  2. Check the software of your device: Check the software of your Fire tablet; it may be possible that your device’s software is of older version. Make sure that automatic updates are enabled in settings to update the software time to time. Go to settings and check for the latest updates available for your device. From kindle com support you can upgrade your device’s software to latest version to make your device faster.
  3. Clear app data: App data is the data which stores on your device to make apps smooth and fast. Sometimes this data get corrupted due to errors or updates.  By removing this application data we can resolve multiple video issues on Fire tablet. By clearing app data we can remove all settings, cache and decreased the size of app hence improving app speed. The procedure of clearing app data may vary from device to device. Amazon kindle support will provide you all information about this procedure. You can lose Amazon video titles that are downloaded to the device by clearing Amazon video application data. Following are the steps to clear application data from different models of Amazon Fire tablets.

Kindle Fire first generation devices: To clear application data from Kindle Fire first generation devices go to ‘settings’ and open the ‘more’ option.  Tap on the ‘applications’ button, here you will see all the apps installed on your Fire device. Here select Amazon video from the list. Select ‘Force stop’ and tap on ‘clear data’ button.  Now restart the Kindle device and also, try to play video again on your Fire tablet.

Kindle Fire HD & HDX devices: First of all swipe down the top of the screen followed by selecting the ‘settings’. Select ‘Applications’ and then ‘manage all applications’ button. Open ‘video’ from the all ‘application’ menu.  Now ‘Force stop’ the application and select ‘clear data’ button.  It will clear all the application data from the device. Restart your Fire tablet and try to play video again. You can also visit www kindle com supportto know more about Kindle Fire tablets. Kindle fire support gives you all the information you need to solve any kind of issues related to Fire tablets.

Fire HD and HDX tablets
: To clear application data from Fire HD and Fire HDX tablets you have to follow this simple procedure. Tap ‘settings’ button by swiping down the top of the screen of your tablet. Now select ‘apps and games’ and then tap ‘manage all applications’. Select ‘video’ app from the list.  Tap ‘Force Stop’ and select ‘clear data’ to clear all the application data from device.  Restart your Kindle Fire device and play video again. By following above procedure you can solve all the video issues on your Kindle Fire tablets.