How Sonos Systems Are Compatible With Alexa And What Commands Will Work On It?

Now, Amazon has made it possible to control the Sonos Speaker with Alexa. The company has added this functionality to its smart device. This will not only add smartness to the music but will also help you in controlling the same in an easier way. If we talk of Sonos App, then the only drawback found out in it is the agile app. This up to some extent is curbed through Alexa app. With this skill enabled on Sonos system, you can easily listen to music without physically connecting it. The only thing required for controlling the device is ‘Amazon Echo’.

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What are Sonos Alexa skills?

If you are having Echo and Sonos system at home, then with the help of Amazon Echo, you can easily control the working of your Sonos with the voice and that too with the help of internet connection. You can control the playback of music, offline radio and music and many more things with the help of ‘voice’. Go to ‘Alexa’ app and click on ‘Sonos’. Connect both the device together. Once the process is accomplished you can start controlling the device with the voice. For more details about the latest Alexa skills available for Sonos, you can go to

What services fall under the category of Sonos skill?

You will find the below-mentioned skills and services on your Sonos-Alexa account. The list is given here as under:

  1. Pandora
  2. Spotify
  3. Amazon music
  4. Sirius XM
  5. Iheart radio.
  6. Tuneln Radio

How to set Spotify as default music on Alexa?

As of now, Spotify is not supported by the Alexa app directly but there is nothing to worry, with simple tips and tricks you can control through Echo enabled device.

To set the Spotify as a default music app on your Alexa app, you need to configure it from the settings. For this, go to ‘Settings’ followed by ‘Alexa’ and click on ‘Media and Music’. Lastly, click on ‘Spotify’.

List of things not available on Sonos Alexa

As we have said earlier that Spotify is not supported by Alexa right now. The podcast is also not supported by Alexa but you can get its support through the Sonos app. If you want to create a special playlist, then you can do so by simply following the steps. The important thing to discuss here is that you must specify the name of a playlist created and don’t create music group in the app as it is not at all supported by Alexa built-in Sonos. Another thing or feature that is not supported by Alexa Sonos skill is offline music and sleep timer available to turn off the music after a stipulated time period. If you want to know more about this, then you can go to Amazon Alexa official page.

List of available commands for Sonos Alexa:

  1. Speak ‘Alexa’.
  2. Speak ‘Play’ then ‘Name of song or artist’.
  3. If more than one Sonos is connected, then you need to select the right system from the options and speak the name of the speaker.
  4. If you want to add any service that is not available by default in the Sonos Alexa skill, then you can add it easily with the help of interfacing functions.

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