How Third-Party Actions can be Used on Google Home?

Your Google Home smart speaker comes loaded with many services and features. Now the third-party services are also available for Google Home. Read the article and know about these services, and how to enable and use them.

Google Home is a smart speaker launched by the search giant to make your home even more smart. Your Google Home Setup comes loaded up with many application, services, and features that you can use and enjoy to make your life easier. Initially Google Home doesn’t support the third-party services. But some time before it has started supporting third-party services. Google unveiled Actions for Google Assistant. But these actions were more like skills that Amazon Alexa have in which they allow third party developers so that their apps and services can be integrated with brains of Google Home speakers.

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This means that if you want support for device having Google Assistant like Google Home or pixel smartphones, the there is no need to wait for direct support from Google. With these actions, you can call Uber, order a pizza from Domino’s or play games using Google Home. Take Google Home Support for more information.

Actions for Google Assistant

The first third-party support that came for Google Home is Netflix, that lets you see your favorite Netflix shows and movies by using Chromecast. However, many more services have added in this list which is growing rapidly. Presently there are almost 61 services in this list of supported services for Google Home. Here is the list of 10 of the services or you can also take Google Home Help:

  • CNBC
  • Domino’s
  • Food Network
  • NBC News
  • NPR One
  • Quora
  • The Wall Street Journal
  • Todoist
  • Uber
  • WebMD

How to use Actions on Google Home

Many of the third party simply work out of the box and this is one of major differences between Action of Google Home and Skills of Alexa. For Alexa, you need to set or enable manually the skill that you want to use. This gives you the felling of using application for your Alexa speaker.

On the other hand, with Google Home, most of the published actions are ready to use as soon as they are in the Services section of Google Home app. There is no need of any setup. For example, for playing Akinator game on Google Home, you just need to say, OK Google, let me talk to Akinator and your game will start. It will feel like that your Google Home is getting smarter day by day.

But there are some services that requires you to link your account like Uber or Todoist. For doing this, open the app of Google Home on your iOS or Android device and then click on the hamburger button at the top left corner of the app. Select the option of More settings > services. Now scroll to find the service that you want to activate and click on its name. here you can also take Google Home Com Support in case of any difficulty. Now the detail page of that service will be loaded. Now click on the option of Link account and then follow the on-screen instructions for authorizing your account.

For using any of the service you need to know the invocation of it. By opening the page of any service under the Services section of Google Home app you can check how to interact with that particular service. And in any case if you know the name of the service then you can directly ask the Google to interact with it like, OK Google, let me talk to Domino’s. From there the service will be launched. Now the actions will walk you through how to use a particular service with voice prompts. You can take the help of Google Home Guide.

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