How To Avoid Common Formatting Errors In Conversion Of Kindle E-Book?

Kindle e book conversion is not an easy task, as you can face many formatting errors while publishing your e book. There are different designs and formats in different kindle e-readers. These different format and looks make kindle e-book conversion more difficult. Self-published authors often face formatting issues during converting their e-books in kindle. If authors and e-book building services are aware of these common errors or faults then it becomes easy to publish an e-book. Although, Kindle support different formats but not on the same device.

There are few software, which are used by self-publishers to make best kindle formatted e-book. Kindle Direct Publishing helps you to convert word document file to e-book format easily, but the result of this product is not satisfactory. The other method used by some authors is by converting HTML file via caliber and upload to kindle. As caliber is third party conversion software and not supported by KDP platform, authors face many formatting errors. So this method is also not recommend and does not yields satisfactory results. There are some tips on kindle help to fix formatting issues.

First of all make four documents of your e-book that are:

  • Actual text in HTML
  • Table of contents ncx
  • Table of contents in HTML
  • An opf

In these documents missing or extra semi colon can create huge problem in formatting. Combine your cover photo and all these four documents and work on Kindle Gen. you can see, how your Kindle format looks on Kindle previewer. To fix any formatting errors, you have to go back as your document is in HTML format. Fix errors while viewing your document in kindle previewer. Take help from kindle customer service. It is not possible to make a document that will seem prefect on all Kindle e-readers. With help of some manuscript tips you can make your Kindle e-book conversion better. The main options that causes issues during conversion of your e-book are:

  • Ellipses
  • Single or double quotation marks
  • Hyphens in sentences
  • Apostrophes

You can easily find errors with find and replace option. But it is not possible to find all errors or issues with this option as well. The only way is to go back and look for errors to fix them and check the formatting results. For any information, go to kindle com support. The major errors from preparing manuscript to converting it to e-book are:

Complex file pre conversion
:  Manuscripts on word documents are over PDF’s and not easy for anyone to reformat the contents. The characters are well spaced and text is encoded in Word documents. Author can easily edit Word files while converting a manuscript.

Relying on print to digital conversion: Many e-books come through the OCR (optical character recognition) process. In this process PDF or print is scanned page by page and blacklist titles are also converted to e-books because publishers have no digital version of printed books. This process is not perfect and creates so many errors as OCR does not recognize common characters. For example ‘he’ could be written as ‘be’ and vice versa. There is a double entry scanning in some OCR software, which scanned the book twice to find errors but some errors are left behind. Amazon kindle support digital version of Books.

Large size images: The size of images on e-book should be of prefect size so that reader can click on image, enlarge it and zoom it on their device. Too large images take more time to download. The limit for image is 2 megapixels. For any clarification go to www kindle com support. If you are using kindle fire, then go to kindle fire support.

Making e-book of large size: E-books of large size may slow the downloading process. Some retailers have file size limitations. Maximum e-book sizes available are Apple i-book store-2 GB, Barnes and Nobles- 20 MB, Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing 50 MB.

Unfamiliar with device capabilities: Multimedia enhancements are supported on some devices:

  • Nook Color and Nook tablet
  • Kindle Apps for iOS
  • IPad, iPhones and iPod touch with iBook.