How to delete Kindle books from a Kindle device?


If the list of your favorites has become large in your Kindle device, then this is the best time to save some space by deleting the Kindle books from your Kindle device.

All Kindle users, how are doing with your classic Kindle device? Along with so many Kindle versions, the e-reading experience of all the users has become much better. You must have been enjoying the bunch of Kindle titles on your Kindle device.

Well, if you are looking out to save some space on your e-reading device, then you will require removing some of your old titles to have the ideal space for your Kindle version. Check out the steps below to remove the Kindle books from your kindle or kindle app-


Step 1- Firstly, head on to the book in the question— you should not read the book at this time. If you wish to remove the book, then head to your home screen or just head to your library or the search box to search out the titles that you wish to remove.

Step 2- Once, you are heading for the title in the question, then press and hold the name for few seconds until a box appears on the list of many options. Remember that, this only works on the Kindles equipped with a touchscreen. In the case, if you have got the Kindle version with the directional controls­­—, i.e., most of the models before the Kindle Paperwhite, just head to press the left directional button while the whole title is being highlighted to bring the list of options.

Step 3- in the list of options, look out for an option to “Remove from Device” or something like that. The exact phrasing is depended upon the Kindle model along with the content. After finding it, just head to choose that option and then affirm your decision. You will be able to download that title again wirelessly. For this, you will require an internet connection along with the credentials of Amazon login.

Note: The steps above should also be working on your Kindle app. The only noticeable difference is that the Kindle app will access the more advanced format.

If you get any tech issue with the process, just reach to Kindle help to get the proper assistance and help.

Deleting the Kindle books on permanent basis—

As you must get aware that Amazon also permits you to remove the books from your account permanently. This could be very useful if you have got a bunch of textbooks and documents on your Kindle device that you don’t require on your Kindle device.

Note: If you head to remove any book by using this method, then it will get permanently removed from your account. If you wish to get it back then, you will have to purchase it again.

Step 1- Head to log in to your Amazon account and then head to the sections that say “Manage Your Content and Devices.” After reaching there, you will witness all the titles that were purchased from the Amazon account and which is available on your Kindle device along with the downloading information.

Step 2- Now, head on to search out the content that you wish to remove from your Kindle device. If you wish to change the category of titles and the orders, they are shown through the Show menu, or you can head particularly for something. Just choose the titles that you wish to remove by tapping the checkbox under the Select option, which you can get on the left side of the window.

Step 3- You will witness a “Delete” button in the list which becomes available to tap after you have checked out the title. Just tap that option to affirm that you are willing to remove the content permanently. Once the process is done, you can’t reverse it. If you want the book again, just contact the Amazon Kindle Support team to get the professional guidance and assistance.