How to Easily Link Your TV To Amazon Alexa?

In order to control your TV with your voice, you need Amazon Alexa setup on it. Once you start conversing to the TV with your voice, you will feel as if some magic is going on. There is no need to change the channels of your TV with the thumb as this botheration has been removed totally due to everything getting controlled with your voice.

To start the process, the know-how of a complete system must be known. It has come to the fore that no TV can be controlled directly with your voice until or unless the supported device is connected.

Today, we are going to let you know the steps to easily configure TV on Amazon Alexa. To understand your voice and commands, you need an Echo speaker or another electronic gadget.

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TV and Alexa Setup

All Fire stick models support Voice remote except First generation Firestick. You can’t control First generation stick with your voice as no compatible device is available for it. If we talk of other models, then you require a device for hands-free voice commands. For this, you require a device like Echo speaker or fire cube as discussed above. These devices are meant for communication with Voice assistant, Alexa.

If you have only one Fire TV at home, then the pairing of this device can be easily done automatically with Echo. You don’t need to apply manual steps for the same. Yes, if you have more than one Fire TV at home and want to connect the particular model to it, then you require manual linking. The steps to link specific TV are mentioned below:

  • Launch Alexa app on your phone or tablet and click on ‘Menu’ button. You will find options like music, video, and books under Menu.
  • Go to ‘Fire TV’ and click on the ‘Video’ section.
  • Go to ‘Manage devices’ section and click on ‘Link another TV’ link.
  • Tap on the TV you want to control.
  • If you are using more than one Echo speaker at home, then you have to select one Echo speaker as well.

Commands you can give:

After successful setup, you can now command Alexa for various functions. If you want to open any supported app, then just speak the name of the app to Alexa. It will open it at once. The list of apps currently supported by Alexa includes Hulu, Netflix, CBS, Bravo Now, Showtime Anytime, PlayStation Vue, Freeform and CBS Now. You can watch any movie and show from the above mentioned apps.

Alexa plays ESPN on PlayStation Vue.

Alexa Play ‘Brooklyn’ on Hulu.

Alexa Open Brooklyn Nine.

In case you want to control playback functions, you can do so with voice commands. The sample of voice commands are:

  1. Play, pause and stop.
  2. Rewind, forward and rewind for 3 minutes.
  3. To play next episode, you can command Alexa the same. You will be able to play next episode but can’t play the previous episode.

Fire TV support online searching with Alexa commands. You can search for favorite content concisely with the help of Fire TV cube. To scroll through results, you can make use of TV remote.

  1. Alexa Play ‘James Bond’ movie.
  2. Open ‘Comedy’ show on Hulu.
  3. Search for ‘Sci-fi’ on Netflix.

After all this, you can go to the ‘Home’ screen of your TV by giving the command ‘go home’ to Alexa. It will return you to the home screen.

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