How to Fix Annoying Audio, Keyboard and Charging Issues on Kindle Fire 7 Tablet?

Are you facing Audio or headphone issue or issue with charging or keyboard typing on kindle fire tablet 7? If yes, then must read the page content. We are suggesting some techniques which will help you in fixing these annoying issues.

Kindle not charging

If your kindle fire 7 is not charging properly with the power adapter, then you can try the below-mentioned tricks.

Power off your kindle fire 7: To power it off, press the power button of your Kindle for 20 seconds and click on ‘Power off’ option from the screen.

Check the cable: Check the cable you are using for charging the Kindle E-reader. If the charging cable is Ok, then you can try charging the other kindle with the same USB cable. If it doesn’t charge, then it means there is some problem with the cable.

Is your charger connected: An orange light on the kindle indicates charging. If it is not glowing, then it means there is some problem with the charger or with the Kindle.

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Keyboard misbehaving or not typing as it should be

If you are typing ‘I love you’ but getting ‘flfsdfssd’ on screen, then it means there is some problem with the typing. You need to clean the keyboard with the soft cotton cloth. Sometimes, using Kindle with dirty hands may insert the dirt into the screen. For this, you can use a cloth to get it off.

Applied any screen protector? Are you using any screen protector on the Kindle screen to protect it from damage due to sudden fall? If yes, then this may create an issue. Any bubble inside the protector may lead to keyboard typing problem. You need to clean the protector and remove the bubble from the screen.

Reset amazon fire: To reset the fire tablet, press the power button and select the restart option from the slider menu. This may take some minutes.

Factory reset: If you are still facing the same annoying issue, then you can perform factory reset function on your Kindle. This will reset all settings to default.

No audio heard through headphones and kindle own speakers

There are some users who have reported a problem with the sound on their kindle. If you are also the victim of the same problem, then follow the below-mentioned tricks.

Check the volume level of your Kindle E-reader. If it is muted by mistake, then raise the level of volume to audible level. Another step to fixing this problem is:

Go to system settings and click on ‘Audio and sounds’.

Check the volume level from there and increase it to the audible level.

Turn the Headphone sound on and off

If not tried yet, then turn off the speakers by disconnecting the headphone jack from the Kindle and plug them again. This will help you in fixing the sound issue. If you have disconnected the external speakers from the kindle during sleep mode, then it will consider as if headphones are still connected to it.

Using any case or cover: If you are using any cover for protecting the external body of your Kindle, then try connecting the headphones after dismantling the cover. Sometimes an oversized cover may prevent headphones from connecting to the pin properly.

Change headphones: If after implementing the above-mentioned tricks, you are still facing the sound issue on your device, then you can change the headphones or try connecting it to another kindle. This will definitely solve the purpose and you will be able to get back to the listening experience.

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