How To Fix The Issue Of Display Light In Amazon Kindle Voyage Model?


Display related issues have become common in Kindle devices, especially in Kindle Voyage model. Many people have sought Kindle help for this issue, and have received precise assistance. If you too are facing display light related issue in Kindle Voyage, then you should get in touch with experts to resolve the issue.

Kindle Voyage is one of the premium products that Amazon has to offer to its users. This e-reader is a hit among the users due to its features and simplicity. Students in particular like Kindle e-readers because these devices take the burden of physical books away off their shoulders. This no doubt is good thing for them as it reduces the burden on shoulders and pocket of students.

Thousands of books are available in a single device without any requirement of physical books. Kindle support all the types and format of books. You can download and purchase the books from kindle book store online. There is no other source for downloading the book. You have to create an account on the kindle before start accessing the books.

From the last few months we come across the issue of backlight problem in kindle voyage model. This issue is mainly noticed in this model only. The reason for this problem is not actually found out yet. The individuals who have faced this problem might have searched for this on the internet.

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We are going to discuss the troubleshooting process for the above mentioned topic:

  1. Brightness level: look for the brightness level that whether it is adjusted properly or not. The brightness of screen is responsible for the screen backlight. If the level is too low then it would be difficult for you to read the contents. You can change the level of brightness with the help of button available at the bottom of each page. The night mode decreases the brightness level of screen to zero. It must be turned off during the day time. You can turned it off from the device settings menu. Go to kindle com support menu for any help and assistance.
  2. Light Sensor problem:  There is a sensor in kindle that adjusts the level of light and brightness according to the day light. This sensor helps in saving the battery and power consumption of kindle. Take kindle customer service support from the expert if your light sensor is broken or not working. How to replace the sensor by own:
  • Main requirements for replacing a sensor is plastic opening tool, plastic card, and tweezer and driver kit. You can get these tools from online as well.
  • Insert the tool between the plastic and panel.
  • Remove the plastic from the device firmly and carefully.
  • The adhesive used to join the plastic with device is to be removed slowly.
  • You can take support from www kindle com support for more help and instructions.
  • Open the screws with the help of screw driver. The size of the screw is 2.5mm.
  • When you removed the screw, open the back cover from the kindle body softly.
  • The kindle body must be removed from the cover softly and properly so that it will assemble again properly.
  • Remove the magnetic tape now and open the Wi-Fi antenna.
  • The Wi-Fi antenna is placed nearer to the battery. Open the screws to fasten the antenna.
  • The Wi-Fi bar can be easily placed out from the device. Amazon kindle support both the networks Wi-Fi and 3G.
  • Now you will see the connector that is attached to the mother board.
  • Pull out the light sensor from the device gently.
  • Replace with the new one of same configuration and specifications.
  • Re-pack the device as it was earlier with the help of screw driver. Don’t miss any screw, or else you will have to call at Amazon Kindle customer service number.

This is all about the replacement procedure and troubleshooting process for fixing the issue of back light. Restart the device with the help of power button. If you are using a kindle fire series tablet then take Kindle Fire support from the official link. The light sensor now displays the text with rich colors and brighter backlight.

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