How to fix Xbox One ‘Black Screen of Death’ Error?


This issue of Xbox is not that dangerous then it seems to be and we have come for some fixes for the game lovers who has faced this bug of black screen.

If you encounter any bug like x screen of death, then it not very friendly. However, the new error of Xbox One is not that threatening as its name says. But it can limit the functionality of your console along with the ability of playing your games.

xbox-one-sWhat is this issue?

This issue of death of black screen has blocked many users of numerous models of Xbox One which includes both the original and Xbox One S model. This bug primarily affects the main dashboard of the console.

This issue was experienced and reported by Jez Corden of Windows Central and after that many discussions were done on it.  Due to this issue, the screen of the console fails in loading up. It either remains black or repeatedly goes black. This makes difficult to deal with console and opening the games or apps in the console and it becomes frustrating at times.

How you can fix this?

Fortunately, there are some of the fixes for this issue and you can solve this. We have some of tricks and you can try either of them that will work for you.

RT + Y

The first thing that you should try is very simple and it comes from the user of Reddit Stefvr. He said that when he pressed RT and Y together after it started moving and after some time console comes back in its full functionality. Don’t rely on this fix only, if this doesn’t work you can try out others also.

Switching Tabs

Another solution which has been recommended by Windows central is to open the guide, then press the home button, and then quickly direct away from the main dashboard to some another tab.

Xbox Store

This is an unexpected solution which is visiting Xbox Store at the time of occurrence of issue. This unconventional solution has been found out by one Reddit user, but many others has confirmed its working. Firstly, you need to go to the guide which Is at the bottom and from there go to store. Irrespective of the main banner quickly press A at that time and after that you can go back to your home screen.

Hard Reset

The next option is to try for a hard reset. For doing this you need to hold the power button of your Xbox One console and turn it off. After this the console will go into the full reboot process and dashboard will start working after the loading. But this fix is not much reliable as some users have reported the returning of the issue again.

Offline mode

If none of the other fixes work, then this is the last option to try out, which is the offline mode of the console. The bug of death of black screen has been expected to be caused by the servers of Microsoft, so when you will overlook them completely might work out and solve this issue. For setting the console on offline mode, you will need to disconnect it from Xbox Live through the wi-fi settings of the console. By doing this you will be without any online functionality but with a dashboard that will be working. If you reboot your console at time of its being in offline mode, then you will need to reconnect it after the finishing of rebooting.