How to Make Calls and Messages with Amazon Echo and Alexa App?

Amazon launched a new member to the line of Alexa by the name of ‘Echo show’. This device is loaded with a number of marvelous features which you will not find in Amazon Echo or Dots. With this new device, it has become possible to place a video call or send messages between the Alexa app and Echo devices.

Let’s discuss how it works.

To use this feature, you need an Alexa app. This is available on play store, iTunes and Amazon store itself. We want to mention here that if you have updated Alexa app in your phone, then you don’t need any hardware like Echo or Dot.

Open messages from the app. You will be prompted to grant access to the app to read the contacts and phone. This option can be cancelled anytime if you are not interested to continue using this service.

The Alexa app will then scrutinize the contacts to check if other contacts are also using the new message service or not. If not, then it may send the invitation messages to Echo devices.

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Alexa will identify your number by sending a text message which contacts a verification code. When you enter this code, your phone number will get verified instantly.

You will now find a conversation screen in front of you. This will display all conversations. You can now start a conversation with the Alexa app or through Echo device. Just command Alexa to make a call on a certain device. If you want to send a voice message, press and hold the mic button and record message in your voice. To start a voice call, press the phone icon from the top of the screen. You can also make use of virtual keyboard to send a text message to the person.

When you receive any new message or call, you will be notified on the screen via Alexa app. You can answer according to your choice. For your information, we want to mention here that App-to-app calling is also possible in updated Amazon Alexa app.

When you receive any call, you will get a green light on the device and keep on getting till you pick or cancel a call. Alexa will also announce a name with whom who you are going to talk to.

When you receive a new text message, you will get notified on the screen with single sound and green pulse periodically. If you click on ‘Alexa’ play the message, you will start getting a message in voice. All details related to the name of the sender, phone number and message will be read by Alexa. If you say no to the message, the message can presumably read by someone else in the household. You can play voice messages anytime through the Alexa app. The same push message will be received for the message as well.

The final message received at the receiver side is a text message. The message arrived on Alexa app is exactly similar to the voice message received on Echo device.

If we talk of entire communication, whether it is call or voice message or text message, everything is flawless. You will find the same message on Echo devices as well as on the phone with Alexa app installed in it. You can use either of the devices to receive, send or reply to the message. You can disable alerts on the Echo device as well as on Alexa app if you don’t want further communication.

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