How To Replace The Broken E-Ink Display Of Any Kindle Device?

Amazon E-readers are famous for its features and reliability. You can use this product without any worry. Kindle E-reader is you can say Ruff-n-tuff product that can be used anywhere and anytime. You can read books at home, airport or at a place wherever you have gone for vacation. The books stored in it are digital in nature due to which the mess of carrying physical books is now over.

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To start reading on it, your Kindle must be connected to an Amazon account. Only then you can access the Kindle Library. If you want to purchase any new book, you can purchase through the payment details added in the Amazon account. If no card or payment details are added, you can add it instantly. So, gone are the days when you used to carry all physical books along with yourself on vacation.

However, all your reading experience can come to halt if there is some problem with the Kindle. One of the common problem that may hinder your reading experience is broken E-ink display. If the display is broken, then your Kindle will not work according to your commands. In the same way, if there is a problem with the Kindle software, then also you may get the problem in using it.

It is important to mention that if your Kindle is under warranty and you are coming across any such problem, then you can replace your kindle from the nearby store for free. But if your kindle is out of warranty, then you won’t be able to replace it. You can take assistance from support executives.

Today, on this page we are going to provide the steps to replace the broken E-ink display of device on your own. You don’t find any need to go to the service store to get it replaced from a technical representative. Just look at the steps mentioned here as under:


  1. Screwdriver.
  2. E-ink screen.
  3. Spudger.

Dismantle kindle and remove the back cover gently. Do remove all the cable connections before removing the battery from it.

Remove the memory card from the slot.

Replace the screen now with a new one.

In case you want any help or support, you can get it online from the support page. You can even take reference through videos uploaded on the page. These videos will help you in a most efficient manner.

Once you have replaced the screen, assemble all the things and get your kindle screwed again. Don’t forget to place the below-mentioned things in their own place.

  1. Keyboard.
  2. on/off switch
  3. Volume rocker switch

Pay close attention while fastening the mid-board as any mistake may lead to the further problem and your hard work will go in vain. All the cable connections must be checked properly and if any screw is given for the board, then fasten it.

This is all about the process to replace the kindle broken E-ink display. We hope you have understood the steps and definitely apply for your broken kindle. In case of any query or problem, you can contact device support.

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