How to secure Facebook account using few security measures?

Facebook supports the features for securing all the Facebook products to keep your account safe by receiving a sign in alerts whenever your account is opened on any new device. Facebook provides two-factor authentication which provides double layers for protection.

Due to increase in phishing any other account exploiting activities by the hackers, it has become essential for everyone to make their account more secure. Facebook is the one among the most targeted sites by the hackers. Thus Facebook has many security measures to keep your account safe from these illegal activities, so you just need to go use these methods to protect your account. Bellow are few ways to keep your account secure so go through them to learn and apply the security methods to your Facebook account.

Ways to keep safe the Facebook account:

  1. Never use your Facebook password as the password for any other account: we should not use our Facebook password to access our other account online on other different sites as this might increases the chances of hacking. One should not tell the Facebook password to any other person. The password should be complex enough so that no one else can guess the whole password. Try not to include your name and the few commonly used words in your Facebook password. They should contain at least six characters with the use the complex combination of numbers and the included special characters.
  2. Verify the URL for every single time you enter the login credentials: whenever you receive a prompt to enter your Facebook login information then make sure that the URL belongs to the original Facebook site and is not the fake. If you are sure that this is the original sites URL then only enter your Username and password else close that window and reopen the browser and type as the URL to login to your account. Also, you can contact Facebook support team if have any doubts related to facebook account.
  3. Never forget to log out of your Facebook account when you have opened your account on a Public device that is used by other people also. In case you forget to log out from that device then remotely sign out the account by following the below-mentioned steps:
  • Open your facebook account by entering the login credentials.
  • Click on security settings.
  • Go to the option where you are signed in to your account section.
  • Locate the time stamp of the session you want to close and then click on the option for “End session” to stop the activity and log you out from that device.

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You can also call on Facebook Customer Service Number anytime you find difficulty in altering the settings.

  1. Never add unknown people to the friend list of your facebook account: We should add only the known people to the facebook account because hackers can send a friend request using the fake accounts. If you accept the request from those unknown ID’s, then they can spam the timeline content, post you a virus in the form of messages, etc.
  2. Activate all the additional security methods: You should enable the alerts for login to the new or unknown device. Due to which you will receive the notification when ever anyone signs into your account from any devices browser. So go through the following steps to enable this feature:
  • Open the security settings of your Facebook account from the settings menu on the upper right side of your Facebook account.
  • Click on the option for “Edit” to enable the settings to “Receive alerts related to unrecognized sign ins.”
  • Select the method through which you want to receive the notification about it i.e. either through any email account or on the same Facebook account.
  • Now single click on “Save” to save the changes made to the account.

So these were few simple steps one needs to follow to secure the facebook account from being used by unauthorized people. Also, you can get Facebook Tech Support for any problem related to your Facebook account.