How To Solve The Problem Of Distorted Sound In Amazon Echo?

Amazon Echo has in-built speaker for voice feedback. If you are using an amazon echo then you will definitely know about Alexa. Alexa is a female voice and wake up word for amazon echo. If you want to ask something from the Alexa then you can ask her by saying wake up word ’Alexa’ first then she will answer to your queries one by one. 

The output is obtained from the speaker built-in. No doubt you can connect external speakers also via Bluetooth but the incorporated 6 inches speaker has also surround sound. More information you can get from the Amazon echo help from the website.

Amazon echo is a device that is voice enabled system. This device works on the voice recognition technology. The Mic input is converted to audio digital output. It consist of speaker with array of 7 microphones. The normal working of echo is started only after the initial Amazon echo setup. You have to setup the amazon echo at home with the help of smart device. The smart device gets connected to the amazon echo for interfacing. The smart device which you can connect to the echo are tablet, iPhone, android phone and laptop. If you are connecting the phone with amazon echo then you must have echo app installed in your device. Right after the installation of amazon echo app. You need to connect the device with the echo. This is basic setup. You can connect your amazon echo device with the phone via Wi-Fi network. So you require internet connection for this. Once you get connected you can ask anything from Alexa.

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If you want to know about the local restaurants and café coffee day for some chilling refreshment then you can ask Alexa about the location. It will let you know about the exact location where you will find the best restaurants and CCD. Yes, if you are uncertain with the weather and you are going to arrange party for some day then you can ask Alexa about the weather forecast to arrange the party accordingly. Amazon Alexa setup is necessary for accessing such services.

Now we are coming to the main concern that is distortion in the speakers. The speakers are the lifeline for the amazon echo especially when you are enjoying music on it. The music app for amazon echo are available on the app. You can download app like Pandora, Spotify from there. The amazon echo speaker is placed at the bottom of the device so as to experience the 360 surround sound at home. You can listen to the amazon echo voice from everywhere within the house and vice versa. But the problem is when the speaker start performing poorly then how we can able to fix it. There is no need to move around here and there. We are providing a solution to this problem in this blog post. If you have installed amazon echo from www.Amazon.Com echosetup link then there are hardly any chances of setup problem. The problem lies within the speaker only.

So we are now going to discuss the troubleshooting process for it.

  1. Broken Tweeter: the most common reason for distorted sound will be broken tweeters. You can feel the difference by listening to the music. If the bass of the music is too heavy then there is need to replace the tweeter. The tweeter are same in amazon echo dot and echo.
  2. Woofer problem: Another reason of distorted sound can be broken woofer. If the pitch of your echo sound is too high it means that there is no bass reflected that is the reason of damaged woofer. The woofer is to be replaced as soon as possible.
  3. Faulty driver board: the main circuitry may be faulty or broken. You have to get it checked from the technician. The amazon echo Tap also employs the same circuitry and power.