How To Troubleshoot Different Issues Encountered On Kindle Fire Tablet 8.9”?

Is your kindle fire 8.9” started malfunctioning in a way or another? Nothing to worry, just read the troubleshooting guide and try to implement on your device. You will be able to diagnose and solve the problem on your own after reading the guide on the page. With the simple tweaks, you can bring the kindle back to its working state.

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Kindle won’t turn on

If the Kindle is not turning on, the following can be the reasons behind it.

The battery is drained or bad

If your kindle battery is older than 2 years or it gets exhausted quickly, then you need to change the battery. To check if the battery is totally dead or not, just plug the battery into the charger and turn the Kindle on. If it doesn’t get on, then you have to install a new battery.

Damaged screen

If you find that everything is working normal but you are still not able to turn on kindle, then check the screen. If you notice cracks on screen, then it means there is a problem due to a damaged screen. Get it replaced from a nearby store or follow the guide available on ‘Screen replacement’ page.

Battery not charging or dies quickly

The charger may be damaged

When you connect the charger to the Kindle and to the power output, you notice signal on the Kindle. If you find no such sign on the Kindle, then it means the charger is not supplying the power to the Kindle. You can check it by borrowing the charger from your friend and connect the kindle to it.  If it starts charging, then it means the problem is with the charger only.

The charger port needs to be replaced

If you are not being able to charge the Kindle, then the problem can be with the charging port even. To get rid of this, check if the port is bent or damaged. If it happens, then the terminals of the port may not get connected to the kindle properly and you will face a problem in charging. To replace the charger, you must read the charger guide available on the Kindle website.

Distorted screen or pixels are dead

The kindle screen appears fractured, blurred or dead in some way.

Screen damaged

The screen is most likely damaged if the colored images are turned into a mess of dead pixels or blurred images are being displayed on the screen. To fix or check the problem, switch off the Kindle and leave it in the same condition for half of the day. Turn on the Kindle again and check. If the problem still encounters then you have to replace the screen.

Screen non-responsive to touch

Screen not at all responding to the fingers.

Frozen screen

This can be an irritating issue. Like computer screens, kindle screens also freezes sometimes. The best option to get back to the normal screen is restarted your device by holding the power button and click on ‘Restart’. When you kindle restart, check if the problem is fixed or not.

Damaged screen

When you click on anything with fingers on the screen and it doesn’t respond immediately, then it may be damaged. Check for physical damage on screen. If the screen is broken then you have to go for its replacement from the ‘Screen repair’ guide menu.

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