How to watch Live TV content on Xbox one device?

Besides playing games on our Xbox one we can even watch live television content on it. We just need to do the setup for Xbox one to enable streaming the Live T.V content.

To enjoy live streaming, you should first do the initial settings to enable the Xbox one for live streaming. You can even enjoy whole of the television content on your Xbox one console. Many people find difficult while doing this setup thus today we have a small guide that will help you in doing the setup. First, you need to download a particular application for streaming the television content example Hulu app, Netflix app, etc. Once you download and install the live T.V application on your Xbox device, you need to open that app. Now click on setup Live TV, and you will be guided through the on screen guide to do the whole setup for that live TV app. While doing this, you might need to modify the hardware settings for your device so you can do this from the settings menu. Just click on “TV & OneGuide” option from the displayed menu. OneGuide might not contain the channel information for all places. Still, you can use it with HDMI to watch live TV on Xbox one.

Pre-requisites to use OneGuide on Xbox One.

  1. An Xbox One device with a USB tuner for television.
  2. A network connection with Xbox Live to view the channel guide information for OneGuide.
  3. An IR emitter wire or the Kinect sensor.

Now make sure that the console is properly connecting to the Home theater for Live streaming and then try to do the setup for OneGuide. You can also use Xbox Helpline to overcome any problem related to Xbox.

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Live TV settings:

  1. Click on Entertainment Hub and choose the option for “live TV setup.”
  2. Now you may come across a particular set of questions to completely setup the Live T.V. So make sure you answer them correctly.
  3. Click on the Option to “Watch TV on Xbox screen.” There you will find two options for a setup that are “Set up your cable or satellite box” and “Set up your USB TV tuner.” So select any one of the these based on the source of your TV signal.
  4. Now a window for “Let’s watch TV” will open up, it indicates that the device is searching for an HDMI signal that is coming in. Click “Next” to move to another page only if you find an HDMI signal on the TV screen or any picture. Also, Xbox One Tech Support is always available to address all the issue related to Xbox device.
  5. If you do not find the HDMI signal on your television screen, then you need to check the connections between your console and set-top box to make sure the console is receiving command line signals from the set top box. So check if the set-top box is tightly connected with the HDMI cable and another end of that HDMI wire is tightly connecting to the HDMI port of the console. You can also get Xbox Live Tech Support if you find any problem while streaming live content on Xbox One.
  6. Now if the option for Live TV appears on the screen then click “Next.”
  7. Now the page for “Let’s set up OneGuide” will appear. So click on the option for “Next.” Once you click on next, the channel setup will begin. So go through the procedure that will first ask you to enter the pin code. So click next after entering the Pin code as it will show you the list of TV service providers in your area. Select any of the service providers. Choose your TV lineup and then click “Next.” Mention the provider of your set-top box. Now if the console identifies your provider then you will receive a message “”Your cable or satellite box has been set up.” If in case it doesn’t recognize the brand then click on “next” and follow onscreen guide for overcoming the problem.
  8. Once the console detects your TV, then find the model of your TV by giving individual commands.
  9. After the completion of setup, you will find a message saying “OK, your TV is set up.”
  10. Now you can start streaming the Live T.V content. Now set the method to start streaming live T.V whenever you power on your console. So select “start” and then choose the option for TV. Doing this will show you Live TV once you turn on your console.

So these were few simple steps you need to follow while setting up the Xbox one device for Live T.V. Also visit Xbox Com Support for all Xbox help options.