Kindle Unlimited ‘Book Stuffing’ Needs To Be Addressed By Amazon

Digital content has provided people with convenience, portability and an easy access. This is why all the consumers have accepted and appreciated digital content so whole-heartedly. Seeing the popularity of digital content, companies went into the research process in order to build a device that can help users read that digital content in such a way that it feels as if they are reading through a physical book.

This is the reason we see Amazon Kindle these days, as it is a device that is known for flawless reading and tonnes of other features. When digital media came into existence, people weren’t too ecstatic about it because of the lower-quality images and muffled audio, which led to moving back to the conventional media type.

Now, the present situation is that digital products that are available on the market are on a decline, and then, there are scams that are further denting the reputation of the digital products. You can only imagine how the advantage of ‘bonus content’ is being twisted to a big disadvantage that is now known as ‘book stuffing’.

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Bonus content has been present on the market since the good old days of the paperback book. I’m sure you remember the pages of the 1st chapter of a related work placed at the last of the novel that you had purchased.

Simply put, the digital age has brought alive its evil twin.

The whole controversy over book stuffing turned into a big deal in June 2018 when one of the eBook companies made a revelation in which it said that the book stuffing is cramming an eBook with an abundance of extra content that has a lot less to do with the title. The whole motive is to make the eBook as long as possible, which is not the right thing to do because people buy eBooks for knowledge and to quench their thirst for reading, so book stuffing is not taking this whole concept of eBook reading forward.

Amazon has a lot to do with book stuffing fiasco because Kindle Unlimited compensation program is paying authors based on the pages read off their books by consumers.

Here are the things that are required to stuff a book:

  1. Write an eBook.
  2. Sign up as an independent author in the KDP service of Amazon in order to sell titles in the Kindle Store.
  3. Enrolling in the KDP Select program and selecting the book into Kindle Unlimited subscription reading program.
  4. Adding layers after layers of irrelevant text until the maximum allowable limit is reached.
  5. Complete the process with a final page ‘dummy’ kind of a content that encourage readers to click pages to the end.

The program rolled out by Amazon was good, but paid authors have exploited it for their own benefit. The reason they encourage readers to skip to the last page of the long book is that of the signal that is sent by the devices when readers go to the last page. The signal notifies Amazon that readers have read the entire book and it’s time that the royalty needs to be paid to the author along with bonus payments according to the number of times the titles have been read.

Amazon needs to do something in order to stop this malpractice that is being done by many authors on the platform. A book should be according to the title, let it be a 5-page book or a 50-page book. There shouldn’t be any book stuffing just to increase the length of the book.

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