Know the best way to sell your classic Xbox 360 or Xbox one


Being a prime Xbox one or Xbox 360 holder, if you are willing to sell your console, then check out the best way to sell your console fairly.

All Xbox users, how your gaming is going to your dynamic console? We are pretty sure that you must be having a classic gaming experience from a long time. Apart from your journey with the console, this could be the perfect to sell your console and have some ideal space. There are many reasons you wish to sell an Xbox.  Maybe you want to have some extra space in your house or May be you wish to grab the Xbox One console by selling your Xbox 360. Or it can be the reason to purchase the much awaited Xbox One X console by selling the current Xbox one console.

So, check out everything that you are should know about selling the console.

Be aware what you are selling- If you are already aware of the kind of Xbox that you are using, then you can easily skip this section, but if you are still looking out to discover then you can get the list of all the Xbox consoles. The key three kinds of Xbox released in these years are Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. There are many versions that the console has released over the years.

The next one in the list is the Xbox 360 which has already completed its entire lifetime received a huge list of nine different versions.

The various machines involve the lineup of three different kinds of Xbox 360, including original 360 which got released with and without a hard drive. Even, the slim version of the Xbox 360 was also released in the year 2010, which has come up with 250 GB, 4 GB, and 320 GB hard drives in the whole lifetime. The Xbox 360 E was a small update in the lineup of Xbox 360 S.

The original classic Xbox One was released in the black and comes out with a heavy external power brick. Well, the list follows up, the Xbox One S is quite smaller and is sold in the White color as the standard mark.

At the time of selling your Xbox, make sure to clear about the console that you are going to sell, and also remember to specify its hard drive as well for all the potential buyers.

Before Sell, just prepare your console- After getting aware about the type of Xbox, you can head for the sale.

Firstly, head on to plugging of the console and making sure that each part of the hardware is working fine. Check out that the console is working fine with the internet. After that, head to download the patches and updates that are required to be applied as it is important to make the further steps easier.

Now, the most important aspect is the removing of all the personal data from the console to restrict the access from the buyer. This will be different depending upon the type of console that you are selling.

Lastly, you should head to give a good clean to your console to make it look in a better condition. When you head for the cleaning part, makes sure that there are no more scrapes and scratches.

Selling destination- The best and the direct names in the selling destination is Craigslist, Gumtree, and eBay.

In this final process, you just required taking some quality pictures of your console with well-written description. You can easily get the classic deal, but to make it happen, you have to put in the most amount of effort.

In the lineup of the mentioned above sites, eBay is the best one to provide you the best deal and get the classic numbers of buyers to grab the best deal.  It’s worth dealing on eBay, as the online shopping and auction website renders a lot of protection against any fraud deals and activities. Overall, it will be a safer and better choice.