Let’s Check Out The 5 New Hardware Revealed By Amazon In The Line Of Alexa-Assisted Devices

Earlier this month, Amazon has revealed new voice-assisted devices in the line of Echo products. These devices work according to your voice commands and reply through connected devices like Echo, dot and tap. Amazon’s recently developed products include Microwave, Wall clock, Echo auto, Amp and link and etc.

Let’s discuss them in details on this page:

  1. Echo Auto: This device is developed for your car. You can now access all features and capabilities of Alexa through this device by connecting to the available phone. The main advantage of this product is that you can use it even in extreme noise environment.

According to Amazon, An array of Mic are connected to this device to listen to the commands properly in any environment.

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Is it good to buy it? If you really want to eliminate the irrelevant sound picked up from a car tire, then you can use this device. There is no need for eye contact to operate this device, you can continue driving without any disturbance.

Price: $24.99

  1. Echo Show 2nd generation: This is an updated model of echo Show 1st generation. This is an echo device with a screen attached to it. The company has changed the size of the screen from 7 inches to 10 inches. You can use this screen to check the weather forecast, watching recipes, videos, and news from local and outside sources. Besides this, the speakers available in this device are also upgraded for better bass and surround.

How beneficial this device is for you? Those who are deeply attached to its previous version will love to use this new device as they know the functionalities and features of it. If you are new to this product, then you can also go with Amazon fire tablet which is offering the same features for just $50.

Price: $229

  1. Echo Sub: From the name it implies, this is a wireless subwoofer which you can connect to the ordinary Echo wirelessly. You will find a difference in bass, the treble of sound after connecting to the ordinary or existing Echo.

Is it worth purchasing it? If you want to experience 11 different modes of sounds, then this is the best device for you. It will occupy less space and you can place it anywhere at home.

Price: $129.

  1. Echo link and link amp: This device is developed by the company to enhance the signal strength and performance of a sound signal. You can stream any music by connecting the Echo Link to the stereo. You can control volume, bass, and treble from the Link amp. This is a 60W amplifier that can amplify the sound signal for Hi-fi sound.

Is it worth buying it? You can connect this device to the stereo and experience a degree of enjoyment and excitement.

If you compare with other products like Sonos, then this is much reliable and economical device that it. Amazon has launched it at an introductory price in order to nail its rivals.

Price: $129 and $299 for Amp.

  1. Echo input: A disc-shaped device used for connecting the speakers wirelessly through Bluetooth. You don’t find any need to purchase Echo individually.

Is this device best for you? If you are fed up with the existing speaker’s built-in Echo, then you can try this new product.

Price: This is available for $34.

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