Most Common Kindle Issues Along With Their Troubleshooting

Amazon Kindle is an E-reader designed by Amazon which is an alternative to the manual books present in the market. Amazon Kindle also faces a number of issues similar to the other electronic products present in a market. For mitigating those issues, you can go through certain steps and troubleshoot the issues and if the issues are not solved, you can take assistance from Kindle User Forum.

Screen Issues

If your Kindle screen is not responding back or frozen, then issues can be with battery level, your kindle battery might have to be charged, so, plug it for charging. Wait for few minutes and try screen again. If there are issues of lines across the entire screen, then press and hold the power button of kindle up to 15 seconds, after that release the button.

It might happen that your Kindle is going through “Electromagnetic interference” and click on power button can sort it out. You might face difficulty in screen rotation, which is mostly due to the fact that screen rotation is disabled. For enabling the screen rotation, Turn On your Kindle and click “Text Button”. If the “Auto option” is disabled then you need to restart Kindle.

Content Issues

Sometimes you do not receive content on your Kindle and it can be due to improper synchronization with Amazon Server. Always check your Kindle battery for its proper working and make sure that Wireless signals are strong enough for receiving information from Amazon and if not so then restart your device and synchronize it.

If you are not able to open your book, few pages are not available than deleting the book from the library and restart the kindle again, after that download the book again.  If you are not able to delete any book than go to home screen and shift the “Five Way Controller to left”. Choose “Delete Option”.

Presently, kindle supports TXT, PDF, HTML, JPEG, RTF, DOC, PRC natively, unprotected MOBI, BMP, PNG, GIF through conversions.

Connection and Power Issues

It might happen that your kindle is not being recognized by your system to which it is connected and this is because your kindle is not connected to a USB port that presently powered up. Connect your system and kindle and restart your system again. If Kindle is not getting charged then try moving your adapter to some other outlet.

Check for the orange light, restart Kindle.  If the orange light is visible, then a new battery is required and if it is not, then adapter might not work well. For fast charging, turn off wireless connection as with wireless connection battery gets drained faster. Make sure that battery lasts long up to 7 days, if Kindle is not connected to the wireless network and if not so then contact Amazon.

Music File Issues

If the music files are not getting executed on your Kindle then those files might be missing or not in MP3 format. To analyze – connect your system and kindle through USB cable. Select “Kindle file folder”, go to Music Folder, and make sure that files are present there. If these files are not there, then add music files to the music folder and if files are available, then check whether they are in MP3 format.

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