New customers proved that Kindle Oasis Battery’s case holds the charging issue

Some kindle oasis users have raised the question with their kindle units complaining of defective connection with their battery cover. I have also been facing the same problem from the last two weeks but I was doubtful that whether this problem is happening on my kindle only or on every kindle. Today I have read reviews on kindle com support link from the kindle oasis users, who are complaining of same problem.

From the last one month, mammoth of kindle oasis users have reported the same problem that their E-reader keep on switching off automatically after 6-8 hours and is not charging through the cover attached with the battery. They have purchased this kindle oasis model just for the ease of charging but it totally distress them. They have taken every type of kindle help from the website even but nothing has been received yet. Otherwise, Kindle oasis has capability to charge the battery through the battery case, which is the key selling point of this device but if fails to do so, then wasting $290 on this device totally looks absurd.

I charged my kindle oasis and started reading EBooks from the store under low brightness. On third day, when I tried to switch on the kindle, it kept on giving the same warning message ‘battery low connect the charger’. But when I tried to connect the charger through my oasis battery case, then it didn’t charge. I am having kindle Paperwhite and other kindle models too but have never reported such problem in these models. Although, I took kindle support from the website even, but got nothing in this regard.

Later I realized that not only I am facing this problem but there are other kindle oasis users too, who are facing the same stupid issue. They have explained this issue on Amazon kindle support website in details as well.

One of the kindle oasis user wrote that he keep on getting the same error message on the kindle screen, when he tried to connect the case with the device magnetically. The device connection with the case was not maintained properly due to which, he keeps on receiving the same message again and again on the screen. He also said that he had never ever reported this same problem on the older kindle E-reader models which he had purchased earlier. One thing I would like to clear you here that there is no direct connection between battery and charger in the kindle oasis model. The charger is connected magnetically.

Another customer posted a similar compliant on www kindle com support link saying that he occasionally receiving a similar warning message on the screen that prompts me to connect the charger with the cover properly. Sometimes, it worked properly, when I place my kindle on the flat table but I was not able to read properly at that time. So this issue totally distressed me. I tried to call at kindle customer service support number but whenever I opened the website, my screen flashed same warning message on the screen.

The kindle oasis is connected to the charger through 5 pin connector on the battery case but the result is not satisfactory. Whereas if we compare this with the Amazon other products, then the kindle technology lags far behind to that of Amazon other products. If you are using kindle fire series model, then kindle fire support normal charging. You will not face any charging issue in these models.

Even one of the user has received a bizarre ‘unauthorized cover’ message on the screen though it was in its own cover but yet, he has got this message while trying to charge the device.  So we can say that Amazon Company has really launched an ‘engineer kindle’ that is loaded with astonishing features and mild fixes.