Newly Added Features in Facebook Messenger

With Facebook messenger app, you connect with more and more people whether your friends or family. Facebook is trying to make it the best tool for connecting people with other by adding new features. Many new features have added to messenger like GIF options, Snake game of Nokia, Mentions and Message Reactions for chats and more. Let’s check out.

The social networking giant Facebook is in full mood to make its messenger the number application for connecting people with each other. Addition of new features is the proof of this things. Facebook rolled out many new features for its messenger application, so that more and more people can connect and use it. Here’s the list of the features that have been added by Facebook to its messenger application or you can also take Facebook Tech Support:

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GIF Options

The Facebook messenger users will soon get more GIF options to use in their conversations, and all thanks to G board keyboard app of Google. G board has supported GIFs for quite some time now, but developers need to make their app compatible with G board. The users can’t use GIFs in the messaging app, but now tapping the option will open up the several GIFs which can be directly send to other users on messenger. So, next time if you are unable to find a suitable GIF in Facebook messenger, then you can use G board app to search for more GIFs across different platform like Giphy and Tumblr. After the update the users will see a GIF icon placed next to the emoticon when they will tap on the emoji button. They can then search for GIFs and insert them directly from the app. The update also increased the maximum limit of media files permissible for sending in one go from 10 to 30. In case of any query you can Contact Facebook Support.

Mentions and Message Reactions for chats

The company has also introduced a new feature called Mentions for Group chats on messenger. In this feature, the users just need to add @ before the name of the user they wish to reply in a group chat. The other members of the group will see it highlighted text. Instead of plain notification, the users will get a message informing them that they have been specially tagged in a message. The message reactions is a small timeline in the group chat where the members can replay to a particular message with emoticons. If the user reacts to the message, then the users can also see it. The group members can also react with using videos, text, stickers, and GIFs to react to a particular message. In case of any query, you can call on Facebook Help Phone Number.

Nokia Snake Game

We all are familiar and love the famous snake game of Nokia mobile phone. Now this game will be available on Facebook messenger. This is same as the original one with one snake that will be moved by the users around the screen, eat apples and bugs the way for scoring points. The game has six levels to enjoy each with the different snake skin and layout. The gamers can choose from three speeds level and also keep a check on who has scored the highest score. For more information, you can contact on Facebook Customer Service Number.

Support for Group payments

Now the Facebook Messenger will also support for group payments. The payments can also be requested from the group within their chat. The users can enter the amount they want to request from each person or group payment and a message will appear in the group chat showing who has paid. This is a free service and does not require a password and is available on android and desktop as of now.