Read Amazon Ebooks In A Lightweight App For Android

Kindle has launched a lightweight Kindle app for Android devices. In the initial review, the app looks quite interesting as it has all the features that avid book readers were clamoring for in the first place. A good thing about the app is that it doesn’t consume much space, so those who are scared that their smartphones or tablets will get slower after installing this app need to have to worry at all, as there is nothing like that going to happen.

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Kindle Lite is the lightweight version of the Amazon application. Turning to mobile phones with older versions of Android, the Lite app takes up little storage space and consumes fewer system resources. Just like in the original app, it lets you read digital books on your phone, serving as an alternative to those who do not have the e-reader.

Our opinion

The Kindle Lite reading experience is as good as the original version of the app. The interface follows the lightness proposed by the platform, offering little visual information, good organization, and elegance.

Key features have been maintained, including the night mode and Whispersync, a synchronization system that saves the point where the user has stopped reading so that it continues on another device. Because of Lite’s economic character, though, heavier eBooks are not available in the app. This is not a problem, since it meets the proposal and is well explained within the application.

An interesting addition was that of the data control tool. It allows the user to know how much of the mobile data was consumed by Kindle Lite, in addition to having a system for cleaning digital books stored on the smartphone. With this, the app needs to go to Android settings to manage this information, something not everyone knows how to do.

The only criticism is about the advertisement of the app, which claims that it has less than 2 MB. It is true that the size occupied varies by device, but the minimum is 2.2 MB. In Moto G5S Plus with Android 7.1.1, only the application spent 5.84 MB.

The size remains very small and, in fact, the platform is extremely fluid. Pages succeed without locking, as well as loading any screen. However, the amount posted may mislead users with serious storage problems on the phone.


  1. Take up little space on your smartphone
  2. It has data consumption control tool
  3. Features saved bookkeeping features
  4. Clean and pleasant interface
  5. Allows synchronization with other devices


  1. The app takes up more space than advertised.

The only way you can judge the positives and negatives of the app is by using it for some days. Check all the functionalities and features of the app, and then it will be easier for you to determine as to how good or bad the app is. This review is written only with the purpose of enlightening you regarding the app, what it has got for you and what to expect. Rest we leave it to your wisdom.

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