Steps To Root Amazon Kindle Fire HDX In Order To Add Extra Features

Kindle Fire HDX is among the most popular Kindle models that are available on the market. But, there are certain features in this device that are not available. But, there is no need to feel sad thinking that Amazon would have added those features because you can add those features yourself. You just need to root your Kindle Fire HDX, and then, you’ll see Kindle sporting those additional features as well.

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Amazon Kindle Fire HDX is a great example of how a tablet should look and work like. The tablet is punctuated with a wide range of features that are good enough to mesmerize a person who had been using a simple tablet device. But, there has been a question related to the rooting of the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX, which is to attain the administrative rights on the biggest app platform, i.e., Google Play Store. Rooting allows users to customize the device by adding new and exclusive apps, which were not present before.

Here are the steps to root Amazon Kindle Fire HDX.

1. Allow the installation of third-party apps

You need to enable a setting that will allow you to install the applications from unknown sources. You can do this by going to ‘Applications’ in the settings menu.

2. Download Towelroot

Towelroot is a unique software that is used to ease up the rooting process. It is used in a myriad of Android devices because it is quite simple to use. So, you can download it by logging on to It won’t take much time to download.

3. Install a File Browser

After downloading Towelroot, you need to install a specific file browser. I would recommend that you should download ES File Explorer, as it has been tried and tested by millions of users.

4. Install Towelroot

After your download both, Towelroot and ES File Explorer, it is time to open up the ES File Explorers and open the ‘Download’ folder. You will see a file named ‘tr.apk’, which is the Towelroot file. So, tap on that file to install it. Once installed, tap open to run it.

5. Tap to Root

There is no doubt upon the fact that Towelroot has a pretty dynamic and easy-to-use interface, so you are going to love using Towelroot. It will take a few seconds before you could start using the app. When everything is done, you are going to enter into the world where millions of new apps are waiting for you.

6. Install a Root Management App

If you don’t want the applications to access the root, then you should install a root management app. You can easily download it from reliable sources and install it on your Kindle Fire HDX.

Although the process is easy and can be done without taking anybody’s help, but if you find any problem then, just get in touch with Kindle help and support providers. Calling experts is your way to add new features to your Kindle Fire HDX. They know all the reasons as to why your Fire HDX was not able to root.

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