Stepwise Details To Setup Amazon Alexa App On Android Smartphone

Amazon’s Echo is growing like Bonfire in the digital market. Apart from this, the main reason why these devices are popular is due to the presence of AI-powered voice assistant available in form of ‘Alexa’. You can ask any question from Alexa, provided it must be configured on smartphone or smart device. You can configure the Alexa onto smartphone easily by implementing certain steps which we are going to share with you today.

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The steps are easy and simple to understand. You can apply the same steps even on HTC, Huawei Mate or other companies’ mobiles. The process of downloading the app on the device is also the same on all the devices.

How to configure Alexa on android phone?

You can customize the working of Alexa according to your preference from the Alexa app installed on Android smart device. The smart app is available for download on Google play store and apple store for iPhone. However, you will not find voice search feature in the app. The company is soon going to add this feature in the upcoming app version.

If you are using the Alexa based device for the first time, the first of all configure the device on all the smart home devices available at home. You need to first set the preferences of that device from the Alexa connected smartphone. Click on ‘Hamburger’ or 3 dotted lines from the top left corner of the screen. Open options and start enjoying the following menus.

  • Music, video, and books: Login to the Amazon Alexa account and start accessing the favorite music from the list of music files. You will not be able to play music on HTC U11 and Huawei Mate 9.
  • Lists: From this menu, you can easily check the number of items added in the cart. Cart means shopping cart, you can also order items online through Alexa app.
  • App skills: Here’ what you can select from a number of options. You can browse a number of apps available on Alexa app. If you want to check the list of apps already installed in the smartphone, then click on ‘My apps’ option available on the top right corner of the screen.
  • Smart Home: Smart home option allows you to control smart devices at home with Alexa voice assistant. To configure this, you need to connect the smart devices to the Echo, then click on ‘Discover’ option. It will search for all the available devices and display the list on the screen.

Apart from this, if you want to open settings, click on ‘3 dot lines’ from the top corner of the list. You can set the name, location and time zones according to your location and even set temperature and distance in local measurement units.

Amazon has now recently launched an updated version of the app in which it has added voice search functionality. So all those Android users who want to search for their favorite skills through voice, they can do it with the updated version of Alexa. A mic button is virtually added in the app, you need to click on this button to start speaking to Alexa.

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